After numerous messages and discussions here is a nice blog post with video to go over this challenging approach to a belly roll down… Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. style! It is not something that once can learn in a day it takes a lot of time and patience and no matter what size you are, with determination, the muscle control necessary can be developed.

The first section of the video goes over drill #1 which covers isolating the top half from the lower half of the abdomen.
Drill #2 follows showing a 6 step approach to the roll down with the tightening of the ab muscles one section at a time from upper abs to lower abs, and finally a pelvic squeeze.
Drill #3 goes over my stylistic choice of pushing out the ab muscles from top to bottom
and finally the ab muscle are reeled in from top to bottom in a much more gooey and relaxed fashion.

This roll down is about dynamic muscle movements, discipline, and concave and round shapes that are made utilizing nothing more than the abdomen. Enjoy and send me all your questions in comments in the comment box below. Muah!