There is an abundant amount of money to be made as a belly dancer, all you need is the courage, a little investment, hard work, and the passion to be a positive remodel for the belly dance community. Many times I am writing blog posts to help others, inform about what I feel is of interest, what I am passionate about, and I wonder…what do YOU need NOW? Well for many of you out there that is to make more money doing what you love. So how can you achieve this? Read below.
1. Brand Yourself
Image is everything. You can be the most highly trained and amazing dancer but imagine there is a client wants to hire you in person and you do not even have a business card….really? Invest, invest, and invest.
An initial investment will pay off ten-fold if you play your cards right. Print business cards at the minimum with front and back graphics, contact information, your website, services , logo, and tagline if any.
2. Getting Yourself out there: the web
Don’t have a website? Get one! If you feel confident you have something positive to offer and should be making more money, then having a website is a top priority, so invest in one and stop making excuses, and waiting. The time is now to make yourself known.
Everyone from brides, to event planners, to Mary Sue who is looking for party ideas is looking for services like yours to fulfill their entertainment needs. So why not make yourself their top choice! Get found online and the calls will start pouring in, trust me I know.  It costs a few hundred I know but if you seriously want to make money at this down the line then this is the way to go. Every day without a website is potentially hundreds lost in goods or services.
This is the World Wide Web people, sales of your product and services are not confined to one place. I can get hired in Korea to teach, or sell a costume to a lady in Australia or do a Skype lesson for a woman in France. The possibilities are endless.
Here is the link to the Video