b2ap3_thumbnail_Success_Dream011.jpgAs the elections have come to a close and America has chosen to once again vote for Obama, what a triumph it is to have a black president elected for not one, but two terms. This has become a reality when not too many decades ago, the idea of such an occurrence was deemed as an impossible dream by many.

I too have a dream. I think about it every day, yell it out to myself when I need to push myself harder, when I feel despair, when I have to keep myself motivated no matter what… I dream of being famous; of being one of those dancers that people post videos of on the fan forums and etc….

I dream of being one of those dancers who has millions of hits on YouTube and who is invited to travel and teach in exotic places all around the world. I dream of being a household name in the belly dance community, where I am able to provide others with inspiration. I dream of making a lot of money in belly dance so I never have to worry about student loan bills, or how many workshops I can manage, and bills in general lol!


I dream of being a leader in the belly dance community, trying to make it a more unified and happy place. Being part of implementing a system to where each dancer strives not to just be the best performer, but to  be a positive influence in the belly dance world and taking responsibility when they have done wrong in the name of belly dance.


I dream of helping women, men, and children find their inner peace through dance. To be confident of the body they were given and the way the music makes them move. I wish for them to be able to walk on stage and with practice and dedication, show this art form in the best light and help change once and for all the minds of those who doubted the dignity of a belly dancer.


I am not entirely sure why I wrote this, but I felt it just had to come out. Often the anxiety and impatience as a young belly dancer overwhelms me and I am sure I am not the only one. I think all of us who really want to “make it” feel this way and want to achieve a high level of success. I do not know where 2013 will take me but I darn well will live everyday in the path to achieve these dreams.

I raise a toast to all belly dancers whether new or seasoned…never stop reaching for your dreams, you are the maestros of your destinies. If you want to follow along in my journey subscribe to the blog.