orlando belly dancer and costumingAs an Orlando belly dancer and designer I go for elegance, elegance, elegance. I have and always will, feel that the costume should enhance the performance and not take away from it. The costume should fit, and cleavage and other sexualized body parts should have enough coverage to not revert attention away from the dance.

My Rule of Thumb


I use this rule of thumb: “if you show some cleavage, then do not show too much leg, if you show a lot of leg, then cover up the cleavage”. This to me is the epitome of class and balance and all my costumes are based off this rule.
Here in America it is hard enough to sway people’s opinions about belly dance due to the overly revealing photographs and videos from dancers who were comfortable showing a large amount of skin.
In my opinion it is uncomfortable to watch a dancer who looks like she is about to pop out, or is wearing the wrong underwear. I rather focus on your dance and expression, not your boobs and buttocks flying at me. Imagine what men are thinking!
We are representing a culture in where they cover up much much more, and we have to understand that we already were pushing the boundaries by simply showing our hair and stomach in public!

Sexy Does NOT=More Skin


I love my body; I have worked hard for this body. I am very open minded and nudity does not faze me (in figure drawing it gets pretty old fast), but in the context of belly dance, the culture and in my own personal aesthetic, I feel elegance will always be sexier than “giving it all away” so to speak. That is my two cents.
KNOW your body type and what makes it look its best. Showing more skin does not =sexy. Sometimes it is the energy and appeal you give off that makes you sexy.
Body type, body type, body type! What looks innocent and cute on a size 2 with not much in endowments will look completely different on some one more voluptuous and vice versa.


Beautiful and Appropriate


As woman yes, many of us want to feel sexy at times, but also elegant, appropriate, and respectful. Always know who your audience is, and remember you are here to please families and women, NOT mens fantasies, that is not what belly dance is about.

So moral of the story, costuming and how you express yourself go hand in hand. What effect are you going for with your costume choices and fit? Ever seen how one dress will look so elegant on one celebrity and trashy on another? Fit and body type is so important, so keep that in mind. Always be wary of your body type.

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