It seems like every year it gets harder and harder to think of a Valentine’s gift for him, and now instead of gifts I have decided to plan out fun things to do in Orlando on Valentine’s Day.


Spending Valentine’s in Orlando, FL is easy and fun with so much to do in this city, restaurants and entertainment are in just about every major corner. So if you are searching for fun things to do in Orlando on Valentine’s simply read below and grab some inspiration!


4 Fun Things to Do In Orlando on Valentine’s Day (aka Valentine’s gifts for Him)


1.     Love Dancing but He Doesn’t….how about you hire entertainment to come perform at your favorite restaurant or home over dinner! It is actually very easy to do. As a belly dancer in Orlando, all someone has to do is visit my website, give me a call and fill out the booking contract and place a $100 deposit for the date to be locked. The bellydancer will coordinate with the restaurant or with you ahead of time so they can pull of a fabulous Valentine’s Day surprise and you can both enjoy an elegant and fun show. While he sits and enjoys you can dance with the belly dancer and give it a try during the show. It is a win win for all!

2.     Do Not Want to Deal With The Frenzy at Restaurants? If your significant other loves to stay in and enjoy a cozy night with your friends at home how about you do a Valentine’s Day themed group choreography lesson! While all the guys watch sports and chat about last weeks’ Superbowl (he loves this), you and the ladies can hire an instructor to come to your home and teach you and the girls a fun coquette routine!
I offer what I call a Girls Day Package for example, and it basically involved you and your best friends being taught a short and easy to follow choreography you can then perform as a group directly after the lesson for your guys. The choreography has humor, a little coquetry and a lot of great hip work.  Give the men you love a cute and silly performance and surprise them as a group with the fun new skill you just learned with your girlfriends!

3.    Sumo Up! They have the most hilarious and fun looking sumo suits you can rent online from companies who provide this unique party service. What happens is the company will drop off a few sumo suits (they are huge and make you look like you are 600 pounds), mat, and helmets. Once you and your friends put the gear on it is time to get into the circle 2 by two and basically get your opponent to ground first.  If you fall with one of these on, prepare to laugh as you find it difficult to get up in these round shaped suits, you will simply roll around until you get the aid from your love.

4. Take Him to the Range!What guy doesn’t love the idea of shooting guns and big rifles like in his video games? Take him to a gun range where both of you can give shooting a try and bask in a playful competition to see who shoots the best. Loser buys the winner their favorite dessert. Not only is it fun, but you will learn how to use one to defend yourself should ever the need arise.


So if you are tired of stressing about finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for him, I implore you to consider DOING SOMETHING rather than buying something to spend your Valentine’s Day in Orlando.  This city is so much fun and has such a lively entertainment and food industry. So if you are searching for fun things to do in Orlando on Valentines’s Day give these a try and you both will have a blast!