As far as planning goes, it is very appreciated when a bride-to-be contacts me almost a year in advance for her Unique Wedding Reception Idea like Arabelly did. Arabelly was so laid back and easy to work with, and she had a very specific vision for her reception as far as being held in a gorgeous garden with nature all around her and beautiful pastel tones galore.

She chose the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs in Winter Park, FL for precisely this reason, and if you see their website, you can see how perfect the venue was for the couple!

She was Puerto Rican and wanted to be different and outside the box for her culture and hire a belly dancer to perform during the reception, and that is where I came in. She had done her hw, and seen several belly dancers videos and websites, so I was quite honored to be asked to be a part of her special day.

Planning the Unique Wedding Reception Idea: Garden Dream Wedding

With so much time to plan, it allowed Arabelly and I to customize the show in every way possible for her wedding. She knew she wanted my sword dance, and on top of that we decided to go for my spring time butterfly themed (isis wings), choose pastel tones double veils for my double veil act, spruced up my yellow costume look with coordinating flowers  in my hair as she requested, and I custom mixed a popular Puerto Rican dance tune into the end of the show.

The Wedding Reception…

Wedding day was great! Over 150 guests were seated amongst the gorgeous trees, the weather was perfect, and the reaction to my surprise belly dance performance was amazing! A lot of “uepa” was heard and Arabelly and her husband Joseph and their children didn’t hesitate to dance with me. After  my drum solo portion, everyone came up to join me in a huge dance circle and the guests were all smiles.

A big thank you goes to Annie Nuno, the wedding planner, who pulled of yet another fabulous wedding. She had coordinated a couple more weddings I had danced at so it was great to see her familiar face. If you need a planner, definitely check her out, the brides are always so stress free because of her exceptional planning. Here is her website:

I also want to extend a big thank you to Jenna Michele Photography: for the wonderful photographs that were captured. It is always such a wonderful gift to receive photographs from photographers and to see their artistry and style come to life.

If you want to surprise the guests and opt for unique wedding reception ideas in Orlando, FL like belly dance entertainment by yours truly, please head on over to my belly dance wedding entertainment page where you can view videos, read testimonials and be directed to my wedding packages page. xoxoxo

Special thanks to the family, children, staff at the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs and everyone involved. Being able to do what I love every weekend and dance for weddings is something I am always grateful to do, and your trust in my work and reviews are simply amazing.

See you at your wedding, and do not forget to head on over to my wedding entertainment page to begin planning your Unique Wedding Reception Idea!