b2ap3_thumbnail_Belly-dancer-in-Orlando_-Orlando-wedding-entertainment.JPGBeing a Belly Dancer in Orlando, Florida has been quite a journey so far. When I moved to Orlando I had no idea of the diverse community of dancers we had, nor how many belly dancers there were here.

Thankfully being that Orlando is a very touristic place, creating a career out of this art form became a possibility, and so I often feel grateful for having moved here.

There are so many entertainers here, and we all try to support one another the best we can. Yes I have met a few bad apples, but that happens anywhere lol! The important thing is that this community is overwhelmingly comprised of very passionate teachers and students who each have something very distinct and unique to offer.

There are so many parts of the U.S. where there are only a couple of teachers (if that) in a small town and few are lucky to be able to travel to another town to learn a different style.

Here in Orlando we have a respected tribal and tribal fusion style school, a wonderful folkloric heavy company, a modern Egyptian style instructor who has the largest school in the area, and a few others spread about.

I guess I am writing this blog as I look back on the past 7 years to say thanks to everyone. For all the instructors here who have opened their doors and shown me their passion and craft as an independent belly dancer.

Thank goodness Orlando is so multicultural and touristic as it has allowed me and other belly dancers in the area to make a living doing what we love.

Thank you to the theme parks which have allowed so many entertainers to be employed regularly.

Thank you to the wedding reception venues, wedding entertainment events, wedding showers and fancy hotels that all play a major role in regular and steady gigging as well.

It has been 7 years of working hard to come this far, and so much is left to do, but I feel more and more grateful every week being able to have a career doing what I love as a Belly Dancer in Orlando.