I will admit, when it came to figuring out how to fit a belly dance performance for a Kids Birthday Party in Windermere into a surfer theme, I knew it was definitely going to be interesting!  The birthday girl was turning 9 years old, and she and about 15 of her closest friends were going to be making a splash on her big day.
Azure, was the most awesome mom to work with. She wanted the girls to have nothing but a fun time and to really set the bar high. Although the party was surfer-themed, she wanted to hire entertainment that would really be unexpected and interactive for the girls so after looking through google she came across my kids birthday party entertainment page, and saw what she was looking for.

The colors were going to be red, blue, and yellow (primary colors), so we went with red, to contrast with all the fun blue and yellow already in the party and set up the dance space outside where the pool was. The girls knew that Azure had hired a belly dancer and went crazy as they picked out their favorite color hip scarves before my performance as I was changing and getting set up.The upbeat Arabic music began, and oh my, what a fun crowd! The huge jaw drops, smiles, and laughs and claps were exactly what I had hoped for, and the weather was gorgeous and sunny to really make all the sparkles and coins dazzle.

After my short show which featured huge red wings, a sword (which they were stunned on), and a brief drum solo to really get them impressed, we went straight into class mode and the girls at the party learned how to hip raise, do alternating hip raises, shoulder rolls and of course, the shimmy! Once we were done we made a huge circle and one by one the girls came to the center and showed off their favorite moves. At the end, I had mom come up and dance in the center too!

It was truly a blast, and the kids were beyond amazing to entertain for at the birthday party. Sometimes dancers have a hard time performing for children’s parties, but I feel they are some of the most gracious and amazing clients to work for. They are blunt honest, and if you are not giving you’re a game they will be more than happy to take out their iPhone lol, so it is a great personal goal to always ensure you keep them fully entertained, surprised, and ready to try it for themselves.

After the small lesson the girls were excited to take pictures and so we struck our best poses. Love you all, and can’t wait to see you all again soon I hope <3

Thank you for inviting me to your daughter’s 9th birthday party Azure, you did a great job, and were a dream to work with. If you are looking for unique Kids Birthday Party in Windermere, FL in places such as Windermere, Winterpark, and beyond, go to my kids birthday party entertainment page now to see a breakdown of the show, pricing and more!