belly-dance-entertainment-ideas-for-weddings-in-orlando-florida_20140326-130519_1.jpgSo i have decided to begin writing about my weekly adventures performing belly dance for weddings and parties in Orlando, FL and across the world.

This week I would love to share about the nuances of what it is like performing for an American Wedding and what my bride (and I am sure many others out there) was curious to ask me.

You DO NOT Have to Be Middle Eastern…

Firstly, providing belly dance entertainment for a wedding that does not have a middle eastern couple is quite normal here in the states.

The most important things to consider for this type of wedding, in my opinion, is really ensuring the music I select makes the bride and guests wiggle in their chair and feel the energy.

The second most important thing is to really make it a production. American audiences really like to see props used and lights and tricks to keep their attention and imagination piqued.

If you are the type of dancer that is used to 7-8 long songs, and more internal emotionality this is not the best match. These audiences are tough if you cannot change it up and are not used to exerting energy in its entirety to your audience.

Middle Eastern audiences understand pacing, slow taxims and inward and subtle inward phrases for long lengths of times. American Audiences rarely will embrace it. It is a different culture entirely like any other country.


Ok so hee is what my American bride was curious about:

-I saw you had fire in your youtube video. Can we have that?

The fire extravaganza is a different show for weddings. It will be extra in cost due to the insurance, extra training, fuels and materials needed to do every show and of course risk associated with any fire performance, but it is a huge success for my spare no expense brides and grooms who want the ultimate display of lavishness.

How long does the show last? 30 minutes…aren’t shows an hour?

Running, singing, dancing for an hour straight for me and just about everyone I know is not a good idea.

A 30 minute performance is more than enough for your wedding guests. In 30 minutes you experience a show that is glam, to the point with no “fillers” and does not begin to feel “long” for spectators.

Trust me, i have performed for tons of weddings now and 30 minutes for this event has always been the best length, without a doubt.

You will match my theme? Wow reAlly?
Yes, if you have spent all this time and money making your wedding vision come true, why should the belly dancer look out of place? It is already unique that you have middle eastern entertainment. When a performer goes the extra mile though to make sure her costume ties into wedding colors and music and props further fit your theme….it makes it the american audience naturally tie the two together a bit easier.

Do you need anything or help?

All i need is the coordinator/friend or dj’s name for the day of the event so you do not have to lift a finger. The last thing you should be doing on your wedding is coordinating my sneak in and water and other show necessities. Also having someone bring me water afterwards would be so amazing.

Considering  Having Me Belly Dance at Your Wedding?

If you are curious about having a belly dancer for your wedding, check out my wedding reception entertainment page where you can see a video, read testimonials, click to get to my bridal packages page and contact me for your wedding!