bellydance-unique-wedding-ideas-orlando-fl---Copy_20140910-194729_1.JPGWhen Amrita Patel contacted me about performing for her wedding near Orlando, FL at the Omni at Champions Gate hotel (which is divine), I was thrilled. I asked her where her and her husband-to-be’s family was from and it turned out that she was Trinidadian and her husband was American/Dutch.

As soon as I heard the word “Trinidadian” my ears automatically perked up as that can only mean one thing…one heck of a fun family with lots of Tassa music (which I love). Amrita was so happy that I had a lot of experience working with these cultures and infusing it seamlessly into my belly dance shows, so she hired me right away and I began preparing some magic for her.

She was so easy to work with. In a time where bridezilla’s is a t.v. show and movies like Bridesmaids poke fun at more bridal stress, I have to say I have been pretty lucky in the vast majority of weddings I have done. Amrita was no exception, she answered my questions, knew what she wanted, and when she needed guidance, I sent her videos and photographs to help her decide what she would choose for her custom show.

The Wedding Reception Performance

On the day of the wedding, the reception room was ablaze with gorgeous lighting and a huge dance floor. Her coordinator Maria Balestriere was absolutely fabulous. She not only had every detail coordinated flawlessly, but she had everything start on time EXACTLY like in the time line which is rare lol! I was so impressed with her sweetness amidst all the planner mayhem that goes on behind the scenes so thank you Marie for being so timely and professional. I meet so many planners on a monthly basis and she really stuck out for me.

As I entered the ballroom of the Omni to perform the wedding reception entertainment for the room full of “Trini’s” and American’s I was so happy to see Amrita’s face glowing and looking fabulous from head to toe in a gorgeous gown with beautiful bead and bling work as I call it.

The show was a hit, I love what I do, and the audiences energy was amazing as they enjoed the humorous portion of my show along with the more theatrical. Thank you for being such a sweet bride Amrita, and to all the vendors and staff at the Omni who pulled of another beautiful wedding.

I had so much fun surprising Amrita’s guests with this unique wedding entertainment idea, and want to make it a point to say that one does not have to be Middle Eastern to have a professional belly dancer at the wedding reception. Belly Dance shows are joyous and meant to showcase beauty, grace, and skill.

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If that is something you crave for your own wedding then definitely head on over to my wedding ideas page to see a video and information on my wedding shows. If you are in love with this idea already, head on over to my bridal packages page to get an idea or pre-wedding and wedding reception entertainment ideas I offer in Orlando and across Kissimmee, and all of Florida. Cheers to the newlywed couple…the Akkermans!