This year Easter weekend falls on March 26th-27th and what gorgeous weather we are predicted to have! With all of the family coming over, take a few moments to imagine an elegant Idea for Celebrating Easter In Orlando with a Bellydancer performing in your home wearing a sparkly pastel toned costume, flowing silk veils, and delighting the little ones during circle time.

Out of the box you say? Why yes, and most importantly, why not? Bellydance is performed at family gatherings and special occasions such as weddings, and birthdays, and so much more. Why not a custom themed show for your Easter gathering! Imagine all of your friends and family filled with joy as the yearly Easter party is taken a notch up this year with lively entertainment, infectious music, and a taste of the exotic.



Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Bellydance as an Idea for Celebrating Easter In Orlando:

Q: How will something as unique as bellydance even fit my party theme?

Details, details, details! The level of customization I offer will put you at ease. For example, my entrance piece will be with butterfly wings! huge 6ft tall silk butterfly wings. My balance act will comprise of a basket full of flowers instead of the usual sword. The audience participation songs will be done in a circle, with the children taking center and the parents as well.

The costume and props will all be in Spring/Easter colors to blend in, rather than the usual jewel tones bellydancers often wear. My hair will be adorned with a hand band of flowers as well and all props will fit the look as well.

Q: My family is very reserved. Will this work?

You bet! Even if your family is not the type to want to dance, I have shows that are created to inspire, add joy & laughter, and showcase a beautiful Art. I will playfully coax guests to try, but no matter what, they will enjoy a 5 piece show sure to delight.

Q: We will be gathering outside in the patio. Can you perform outside?

I have performed outside on several occasions (spring weddings, fire shows, etc..), what I ask is that the space be large enough for me to dance, if there is a fan to please angle it toward me during the show, and ideally the grill/cooking is done in a separate area than where I would be dancing.

Q: We will have an Easter Egg Hunt. Do You have anything specifically for children?

My show is already quite family-friendly so that is covered. One fun idea is to have me come out form behind a large drawing of an easter egg.

Q: What type of music will you use?

A fusion of modern middle eastern music without vocals, and music fitting your own cultural background. The songs are light and airy in feel to fit the season and the songs with the audience as more pop in feel.

Q: How do you plan to make my family dance exactly? They are shy. 

Showmanship. If you have ever seen an actor/performer then you know they are not all created equal. As a world champion bellydancer i can say with confidence that i am recognized for my emotionality and charisma and that is something that really helps in emitting to the audience the energy and feel good vibes that will put them at ease and simply relax.

If you would like to book me to perform as this years’ Idea for Celebrating Easter In Orlando, FL simply head on over to my hire page.