I have done plenty of ladies/ girls-night parties in the past, but never have I bellydanced for one quite as big and glamorous as the Bollywood Themed Girls Day I entertained for at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista for Sarah and her friends.


Sarah is part of my family of clients and had hired me the year prior for a wonderful party in a beautiful mansion home. When she told me that this year she was going to do a big ladies party at the Sheraton I knew her taste and what she was looking for.


The theme was Bollywood and she was quick to let me know her absolute favorite modern Indian themed song and the orange and pink color scheme she had envisioned for this fun day.   We opted to go for a strictly just-dance show with minimal of a prop, if any were to be used, and to really use my natural showmanship to wow all 300 women.


With 300 ladies present, goodness was that a great feat of energy! The women were so receptive and while shy at first, danced with me mid-show and showed off their favorite movements. The colors, gorgeous dresses and sheer smiles on their faces was amazing and I feel thankful everyday to be able to do what I do.


As a belly dancer, I always like to mention that Middle Eastern dance and Bollywood dance (which comes from India) are two very different disciplines, so what I like to do when my client specifically know this and wants me to belly dance is to use fusion attire and use a mixture of Bollywood and Indian infused Bellydance songs to stay true to the theme but also true to my dance style.


I have a snippet below of some of the video Sara took of her friends enjoying the show. Aaje nachle is a popular entrance song request so I went with it and had a blast bellydancing for all the ladies that night.

WATCH HERE. Log on to Facebook.


Thank you to the Sheraton Safari in Orlando and staff for your help as always in bringing me to my dressing room quickly and for Sarah and her friend for believing in my work and having me Bellydance for your glamorous Bollywood Themed Girls Day . If you would like a unique world champion entertainer for your ladies parry or girls night in Orlando, FL visit my belly dancer for hire page which has my contract that explains a girls night in package!