I have done quite a number of lavish events, but no children’s party has been as elaborate as Valentina’s Kids Birthday Party in Orlando, FL. The family pulled out all the stops for her Arabian themed 9th birthday including a movie star camel!

When I arrived my friend Tabitha (another Orlando bellydancer) had just finished doing a teaser show for all of the guests of the belly dance show that would come next. The day was hot and sunny, and the parents had hired me to come in and Bellydance for the main event.

They decided to go with my fire teaser package as they wanted to incorporate the beauty of fire into the show and really surprise their daughter. After all 40 children, yes 40, came in the party planner had the task of getting them all settled and seated so that we could safely proceed with he show. Needless to say, to get 40 children to sit down was a feat, but she did it splendidly!

As soon as the music began and I walked out, it was so adorable to hear all of the kids gasps and excitement as they saw the bellydancer doing her entrance piece. My heart always melts when this happens! They enjoyed the fire dance, and as soon as it was over I went straight into a nice balance act with sword to further wow them!

The children were looking at me trying to figure out how I kept that huge sword on my head and I could see they were wondering if it was a real sword or not…of course this is a big yes! Took years of practice to become comfortable with this prop, and yes…it weighs a ton!

After a few Bellydance numbers it was time to get all of the brave children up to dance with me, and Valentina enjoyed wearing her shiny hipscarf along with her friends. All the kids were very well behaved and gave each move a try.

At the end of it all we had circle time and danced using all of the movement they had learned that day. Circle time is always one of my favorite moments because you can see how children boost each other’s confidence, clap for one another and come out of their shell.

Between the camel rides, Bellydance shows, card reader, photobooth and more, this was one of the best kids birthday parties I have had the privilege of performing for. Happy birthday Valentina, and I look forward to seeing you grow.

To really get a good idea of what my kids birthday party shows are like you will have to  just hire me to dance at one lol! I hope this gave you a little peak into some of the  show and if you have any questions simply contact me.

I would like to send a big thank you to Patrick Buckley for these images and the many more he sent after the show. You can view more of his work here:


Happy 2015 and make sure to stop by and view my princess party package idea  for your Kids Birthday Party in Orlando, FL.