In my line of work, the relationship between a luxury event planner and the vendors on the team is quite important. We have to rely on one another to help put on an epic event, make sure all the festivities are on track time-wise, and that we deliver nothing short of excellence. For Alexandra and Sassan, they wanted to surprise their guests with a nod to Sassan’s cultural heritage. Alexandra is of Italian descent while Sassan is Persian. Like most brides and grooms, they looked to their planner first (Annie of The Soiree Co.) for recommendations on who the best bellydancers in Florida were.

Annie had seen my performances at prior events and recommended my belly dance entertainment services to the couple. She knew very well that I delivered high-end shows full of glamour and elegance that the couple would love. Bellydancing for a Persian wedding is always a treat, but to get the chance to be there with my duet partner Valentina to unveil our latest choreography and numbers was simply perfect timing. I only work with award-winners from major competitions or highly experienced and proven professionals, so my clients and planners never have to worry about the quality of the show.

The wedding was held at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando which I was very familiar with over the years as it is a popular place to get married by the well-to-do in the area. The ballroom had been transformed into a layout full of drapery with colorful uplighting, flowers and crystals galore and a huge dance floor Valentina and I couldn’t wait to use.

If you have ever been to an Italian or Persian wedding, you know that these cultures are family-oriented, LOVE to dance, and enjoy having fun. We made sure to incorporate a few well-known Persian hits into our set to coax our couple into dancing along with all of their family and friends.

Bellydancing for an Italian and Persian Wedding

Upon arrival we warmed up, gave our numbers one last run through and made our way to the ballroom entrance with our matching bling masks for COVID-19 safety measures. The performances went off beautifully, one right after the next like a well-orchestrated symphony. By the end of the bellydance show, we had both sides of the family dancing the night away together and happily shoulder shimmying away.

Valentina and I are so grateful to all of our clients who despite COVID-19 have chosen our entertainment services and followed all of the new safety protocol. We had an amazing time and the guests did too and it was a very special day, full of love and joy, to celebrate two very special people coming together in this union. Here is a highlight video so that you can see how duet bellydancing for a Persian Wedding took one already beautiful and luxurious wedding from glamorous to extraordinary.

Duet Bellydancing for a Persian Wedding