I have bellydanced for several Henna Parties before in Orlando, FL but this pre-wedding celebration was something else! If I did not know better, I may have thought everyone from the United Nations was there as every country imaginable was present and the music and dancing associated with each culture was on display. As a performer, this is a dream! Bellydancing for a Pre-Wedding event is simply so much fun as the couple is full of joy and excitement.

Not only is bellydancing with the husband and wife to be fun in and of itself, but to simply watch in awe as the dances from each guests country was done was so fun! I train and study as part of my job, and have to travel quite far to see all of these dances done, and to have all the various dances under one roof was the best time!

Dawood had found me online, watched my videos, and was very excited to have me perform at his sisters pre-wedding party as he really liked how I created shows that not only showcase Middle Eastern dance, but always give a nod to the heritage of my clients who are not from the Middle East as well. Because of that, we went to work, and created something that would fit his sister and her husband to be perfectly.

Before my performance the party was in full swing with Bollywood music pumping loudly in the air, and a beautiful array of colors swirling as the ladies skirts twirled around. After that section, music from the islands of Greece prompted the guests of Greek descent to showcase their dance and eventually finished their showcase with the Zorba line dance. Just when I thought the crowd couldn’t get any more involved, Lebanese Dabkeh filled the air and it took every ounce of control for me to not jump out and join everyone before my set jaja (I love Debkeh)!

How was I going to follow that! Everyone was on the dance floor and I had to interrupt them all with my show? It was the first time I was feeling guilty to perform! So with all of the gusto I had, I flowed into the party once the D.J. had everyone seated and gave them all I had, and just when I though the crowd couldn’t get any more energized….they did!

The lovely bride to be and her groom were loving every moment of it, and the diverse crowd was out of their seats clapping, watching, reacting, cheering, “ooh and aah-ing”, and I no longer felt guilty for cutting in on their dancing before. Bellydancing for a Pre-Wedding event is just too much fun!

Thank you Ashok Pancholi for these lovely images! You can see how much fun we all were having, and have captured all the reasons why I love what I do week after week, year after year. If you need a photographer for your event give him a call: 407 791 6064 .View his work at Digitaldreamstudio.com and you can contact him here at: aspana1@aol.com.


When someone asks me, “Jennifer I am not from the Middle East, can I still have a bellydancer for my party?”, the answer is a resounding YES! To hire me for Bellydancing for a Pre-Wedding event, click here.