Every wedding I bellydance for in Orlando, FL is unique and special in its own way, and today I am happy to share some of the wonderful images and memories from Bellydancing for a Wedding. Neeraj and Subrity’s Wedding at the Dr. Phillips house on Lake Lucerne was gorgeous!

I had been to one of the event houses before, but not the Dr. Phillips house, and was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the details the bride and groom incorporated into the outdoor space. The lights were projections of roses, the fountain had roses all over and the tables were so bright and colorful. The decor above the guests and lights were beautifully decorated as well.

I love seeing how the decor reflects on the couple personalities, and these two definitely love lively and beautiful colors and the drama that lights can bring to setting the perfect environment/mood for the reception.

The groom Neeraj and his sister were the duo who took it upon themselves to hire me to bellydance at the wedding as Neeraj wanted to surprise his bride with something different and unexpected. He and his sister had seen my videos online and after speaking, we all felt we would be a great fit.

The bride Subrity was so radiant. her beautiful Henna and elaborate dress were perfection. She was so happy with the surprise as she never expected to see Bellydancing for a Wedding, and was content to come and dance with me when coaxed.

This was a beautiful wedding with many Nepali guests and the audience energy was nothing short of amazing which as a performer I always strive to feel back.

Many times brides and grooms are looking for elegant and unique wedding ideas in Orlando, FL and are not sure what to get, and as you can see by these photographs, bellydance is a sure hit with the right performer. While bellydance is not done in the Nepali culture, the newlyweds loved how unique and beautiful it is and how it radiates happiness.

If you are thinking of hiring a performer to start Bellydancing for a Wedding, make sure to take a cue from Neeraj and his sister and watch tons of videos, hire the most experienced and reviewed dancer, and let a professional show you how a family friendly bellydance show is done.

I look forward to all of the upcoming weddings and congratulations to Neeraj and Subrity on a most beautiful wedding. I wish you nothing but happiness and success as you begin your journey together.

A special thanks goes out to Ashok the photographer for your kindness in sending these photographs over. It is such a rare and special treat to get pictures or wedding footage from the performance. Here is his contact information:

Ashok Pancholi

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