As a Belly Dancer in Orlando, Florida I have offered wedding entertainment for years and have come across on a few occasions commentary from brides expressing a few worries and myths when it comes to hiring belly dance entertainment, so today I will happily dispel some of these.


  1. 1 .The Belly Dancer will Outshine Me: Nothing can outshine you the beautiful bride. The only way I may “outshine the bride” is by the fact that I may have more shiny crystal on my costume than most.  I can assure you that my goal is to highly entertain you and your guests and during my show I even build in a song to highlight the bride and no way, shape or form, will it be  the belly dancers goal to take over your Orlando wedding. For the duration of the show is our chance to wow your guests and celebrate YOU, and then I happily turn over the spotlight to you and your guests as the D.J. continues to play music as the guests dance the night away.


  1. 2.The Belly Dancer Will Arrive Late: While this may be a possibility on a very rare occasion, my booking contract that you sign when hiring me assures that this will not occur. The time you put down to start the show will indeed go forth without a hitch as professional belly dancers such as myself will make sure to arrive 30 minutes early to set up and account for any traffic delays in  arriving to your wedding reception location.Having this contract is an agreement that is mutually beneficial and protects you in the event anything unexpected occurs. No matter what, you will have a belly dancer, and one that is on time at your wedding reception here in sunny Orlando, Florida.


  1. 3.The Belly Dancers’ Costume May Be Too Revealing: I can completely understand this worry as I will admit I have seen quite a few revealing costumes for my taste in this industry. Not to worry though, Costuming is an essential conversation we will share when we talk about your custom belly dance wedding show as we want to make sure that all guests, from whichever cultural background/religion feel comfortable.I personally dress very modestly and ensure nothing is cut too high, is too revealing, or would make any parent or child uncomfortable. This is a representation of Middle Eastern dance so dressing more modestly or even covered head to toe in a beautiful dress for highly conservative wedding guests is something I am happy to do.

    You may request a picture of the intended costume ahead of time after booking if it makes you feel more at ease, although my website will contain more that enough photographs to  show you my personal style choices.


  1. 4. What if the Belly Dancer Flirts With My Husband? This is an absolutely ridiculous rumor I personally feel offended by. I am engaged to be married myself, and am a family woman. As a belly dance entertainer my job is to perform a unique show for your wedding reception and make sure that you , your husband and guests have a great time and grow an appreciation for  oriental dance. There will be no funny business what so ever.In fact, my goal since I began has always been “entertain the women, and win the crowd”.  I truly believe that if the woman are happy and comfortable with the show, they will rave to their husbands and then they will be accepting and happy as well. Happy wife= happy life.


I hope that with these four points a lot of your wedding day concerns have been answered and you can understand that these myths are pretty far from the truth. I am a woman just like you and want nothing more that to make you beam with pride and joy on your wedding day. If you would like to hire me as your belly dance wedding entertainment in Orlando, Florida and beyond visit my Orlando Wedding Entertainment page.