Kids parties in Orlando, FL are a blast to belly dance for, so when Jackie sent me the email below, we began the fun process of tailoring the performance to make it perfect for the theme…

“We are having a family vacation in Orlando and would love to have you perform. We are renting a house in reunion resort and will have 6 adults and 8 kids, ranging from ages 1-8. Are you available on Thursday, August 7th around 9pm? How long is your show and what do you charge? Can we incorporate the kids so they can dance if they want to join in? “

If you are vacationing in Orlando, FL and want to give your children a fun and elegant surprise, here is what you need to know:

1. Will you travel to Reunion Resort, FL for the Kids Party?
I travel everywhere, be it in FL or internationally. So long as you take care of the additional travel fees, this is no problem at all. I have traveled from Orlando to Miami for weddings, and have even been flown to the British Virgin Islands on several occasions to perform.
2. Are you available to perform during the weekdays?
Yes. So long as I have enough notice I can accommodate just about all requests. Typically 2 weeks in advance or more is ideal.

3. What time should we start?

With Jackie this was where we needed to find the best formula.

Since she knew she wanted to hire me for the kids to see my Fire Teaser performance, now it was down to selecting the best time. In The Orlando summers, the sun sets at 8pm during August which can be late for some smaller kids, so we agreed on the following: I would perform at 8:30pm so that the fire could look beautiful against the night sky, and Jackie would make sure all the kids would go to nap around 6:00pm and then wake up refreshed around 7:30pm to get face painted. Promptly at 8:30pm I would perform and the children would be energized for the party!

4. How long is your show and what do you charge?

Since Jackie had looked through my kids party ideas page she knew that a fire teaser show would be perfect for the children and party theme. If the party is local (within 40min.) from my home, then the price is $300 for a fire teaser show (explanation in contract pdf) which lasts a full 30 minutes. Since reunion resort is a bit out of Orlando it was only an additional $50 in travel fees.

Since this is a kids party, the show was structured to where I came out and danced to a fun song with huge fire fans, then began the belly dance portion with a fun oriental song, then I had one of their parents dance with me which the children loved, followed by the cool sword act and then a drum solo.

Then we rounded all the children up in a circle, put hip scarves on everyone, and had circle time learning a few dance moves and then dancing together to try it all out.

5. Can we incorporate the kids?

As you can see from my answer above, not only do I incorporate the children into the show, but the parents too! Not only was there a dance with one of the parents, kids mini class, and a fun kids only circle time dance, but in my final song I invited all of the parents and their children to join us. It was so much fun seeing the kids and their parents laughing and trying something new together.

Thank you for inviting me to share my passion with your family and friends and thank you to all of you for giving me such beautiful memories.

If you would like to hire me for your kids birthday party or as a fun kids party entertainment idea, click on my kids party/princess party page.