Why should you hire a bellydancer for your birthday party…because it beats anything else, that is why! How? Let me show you!

As you can see from the video, the belly dance entertainment is designed to be interactive and features quite a variety of acts to keep guests on their toes. Sometimes clients say, “just play fast music”, but to truly have a belly dance show for a birthday party that has depth and showcases all aspects of this beautiful Art form, including a couple slower pieces is wonderful because 1. you can perform a full balance act to showcase feats of strength and skill 2. You can enjoy watching belly dance movements done with superb muscle control and isolation. The effects that these produce are simply magical.

No one wants the “chipmunk effect” by where the dancer just shakes around the entire time. You want a complete performance that showcases feats of skill, amazing technique and a whole lot of energy (laughter is always welcome in my shows as well).

This weekend I will be back to performing after 2 weeks off while I was getting married and on my honeymoon. The client wants to hire a bellydancer for your birthday party to surprise her husband for his 40th birthday with something completely unexpected and family friendly so that their kids can enjoy too.

A 40th birthday party is a huge milestone, and while a dinner or small gathering is wonderful, adding that extra oomph with a world champion entertainer is exactly what my client wants to bring the birthday party to the next level. How? How would you react if a glamorous belly dancer entered your birthday party to the sound of beautiful and emotional music? It is hard not to be enthralled, surprised, or even just smile with such a spectacle.

Why hire a belly dancer for your birthday party in Orlando, FL and beyond? It would be crazy not to! It is financially feasible and well worth the price. Grant the gift of joy, surprise, laughter, and more with a belly dance show. Seeing your family and children grinning from ear to ear is priceless.

Don’t just take my word for it, read this recent review:

“Jennifer danced on my birthday in August. Her belly dance was absolutely beautiful. My guests enjoyed it very much, they didn’t want Jennifer to leave that night, I didn’t either. She got all my guests involved, made the night so enjoyable and fun. Jennifer will definitely dance at my next party!

Not only she’s a good dancer she’s very professional and friendly. Thank you Jennifer.   – Ender”.

Never hired a belly dancer before? No worries, it is quick and painless to do. Follow the link to be taken to my birthday party belly dance page where you can bellydancer for your birthday party in 5 minutes!