Best Orlando Wedding EntertainmentWedding planners, couples and guests all know that the details: from the décor, to the music, to the attire, is important in making your wedding special. When it comes to selecting the best Orlando Wedding entertainment, be a H.E.R.O. and take a few measures to ENSURE you hire the best professional.

Often times, selecting entertainment can be a little bit tricky…the pictures look great, the site looks professional, but how do you know if they really pack the punch they promise? Here are a few tips from a wedding entertainer herself to get you asking the right questions and uncover the best option.

Hire an entertainer who has won and been recognized with awards. No matter what the size of the entertainment company, when they have WON awards, it makes a huge difference.  Not only has their community recognized their work (it is not just promises on a website), but no matter how small or large the business, it proves they have a knack for excellence. And by awards I do not mean who has the most reviews, I am talking about awards for excelling at their craft and being the best in their field!

Entertainers (at least the experienced/professional one’s), will want you to grill them! Ask them questions; ask to see their videos, their website, and their reviews. Do not be shy to request an up to date photo if you feel their appearance on a photograph might seem outdated. Ask them about their strengths; about other weddings they have performed at, how long they have been doing this for and etc… You can tell right away who “has it” and who is not very prepared or experienced.

Review their videos! Planners and couples often have so many tasks that this essential “to-do” may get pushed last minute. Ask the artist for not one but several videos of their work. If they provide you with videos that are not good quality, out of date, ill-lit, or do not provide a sufficient or clear enough indication of their skill or work…this is a BIG red flag that the words on the screen do not match up with what they deliver. Any performer or entertainer who invests the time and effort to showcase their work in quality video is definitely doing this professionally and often enough to stay current.

Originality will pay off! Mark down three unique wedding entertainment options you like, then research the 3 best vendors in those categories (don’t just pick the top result in Google), call them, and do all the above. Hiring the best and most unique option will definitely make an impression at the wedding! Be bold!

I hope these insightful tips will have you feeling prepared to ask everything you need to make your wedding entertainment choice one that you can feel confident about and impress your family and guests with. It is your day, every details counts, and now you can get precisely what you envisioned with no “surprises” by hiring the Best Orlando Wedding Entertainment

About the Author: Jennifer is a multi-award winning internationally acclaimed Belly Dancer providing elegant and unique Wedding Entertainment in Orlando, Florida. To learn about Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. and the fabulously original wedding shows, visit her page: