When people google around for 50th Birthday Party Ideas in Orlando, articles on thrifty ideas and color themes come up, but what if you need ideas for unique entertainment? Seema wanted to give her husband the ultimate birthday surprise for his special day and spared no expense. She found a gorgeous venue in Ocala which was an Indian Cultural Center with a gorgeous stage, food and a huge dance floor to accommodate their over 400 guests.

In Indian culture, typically a bollywood dancer is hired, but Seema wanted to be unique and bring a belly dancer to entertain for the 50th birthday party instead. She went online, looked at videos,  contacted me, and I was so thrilled when she told me all of the personal details and touches she wanted to incorporate to make her husband’s party perfect.

Being Spoiled by your Host


As soon as I walked in the room 2 of Seema’s friends came over and introduced themselves as my body guards for the evening! So cool! They were extremely sweet and ushered me over to Seems who was full of content and such a warm energy. I then was brought over to change as my music was being handed over to the DJ by my body guards.

I wrote this blog because what stood out was how spoiled the birthday boy, the guests and I felt after attending this party. Every detail was in place; the food was delicious and full of warmth, the stage was covered in gorgeous LED lights to make it look like a starry night, the birthday boy was surrounded by everyone he cared about and his wife made every effort to ensure all his favorite things were around (did I mention the food lol!).

All the guests helped one another with anything they wished, everyone offered to carry something for you, or get you a water, and were happy to bring a plate of food no matter how much you refused lol as you have to perform. The family was just…wonderful. All of them so sweet and funny to boot!

The 50TH Birthday Boy During the Performance

Turning 50 is a big deal, and while some people may shy away from celebrating this milestone, this birthday boy was pumped to party! Without much coaxing, he quickly stood up and followed me over to the dance floor where he was a great sport and shimmied, hip raised and even belly rolled a few times!

The Stigma of Belly Dancers at Indian Birthday Parties

Many an Indian crowd has been uneasy at the first sight of a belly dancer at their parties, but once they see how family friendly and elegant a professional level performer is, they are quick to embrace it and the fun it delivers, and this was precisely what happened.

The stigma still exists, and with so many bad examples online and t.v. of what belly dance is thought to be, one can understand why. This is why if you hire a belly dancer for the birthday party, do not ever do so without checking out their videos first!


Hitting the Dance Floor with the Belly Dancer!

It wasn’t long before my drum solo ended, and it was time for everyone to join the show and dance together to celebrate this monumental occasion. Mixing classic Indian party tunes and a belly dance song for the end, it was easy for the guests to groove into the music and feel connected.

Thank you for Having me at Your 50th Birthday Party

Thank you Seema for your hospitality and congratulations on putting together and pulling off such a lavish 50th birthday party idea. Thank you to your son Aakash as well for the photographs and of course to your friends and my “body guards” for the night, Trisha and her hubby.

May you spend the next 50 years of your life in bliss and prosperity, and if you are reading this blog and want to contact me to end your search of fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas in Orlando for entertainment in Orlando or Ocala, FL, head on over to my birthday party page.
Here is a clip from the birthday party performance at Seema’s event, enjoy!