Quinceañera’s are a huge deal in the hispanic culture and having the best bellydance entertainer for her Arabian themed Quinceañera (sweet 15) party was a top priority for Kaylin and her mom. I was very excited for this birthday party as I had performed at Illusions Banquet Hall in Kissimmee, FL for several occasions and knew the venue very well.


The gold and white theme were beautifully executed in all of the décor and I made sure all my props and costume matched of course to give Kaylin that custom touch. I do not think guests often realize but selecting the music to Bellydance to for a sweet 15 takes a lot more time than usual (at least for me). If you choose music that is too traditional it doesn’t resonate well with the princess and her friends, and if you have a selection that is too modern the parents will not be dancing in their seats either. Couple that with the responsibility of always trying to represent Bellydance and its’ beautiful sounds in the best of light and it takes hours!

Thank you to Griffith Photographers for the lovely video they recorded of the Bellydance entertainment I did for the quinceañera! Thank you to the Illusions Banquet Hall Staff for always being so helpful and easy to work with, and big thank you to Riset and her lovely family and friends for your powerful energy and glee. I love my job because I get to feel your happiness and showcase to you that Bellydance is not what you see on t.v. and is quite elegant and amazing.


In the video below I hope that prospective clients and viewers in general will get an accurate representation of why bellydancing for sweet 15’s (quinceañera’s) can truly be like and how family friendly belly dance is. When you have your little girl and her friends and family watching, I implore you to always do your research and hire a bellydancer who really know her stuff and is not simply a pretty picture.


Tips for hiring a bellydancer for a birthday party (sweet 15, sweet 16, etc…)

  1. Watch video footage! In this industry a bellydancer is accustomed to showing her work on YouTube. Watch the videos she uploads and compare! The better the dancer, the better the show.


  1. Do not look for cheaper options. The higher the price, the better the dancer/professional. I am appalled at what I see sometimes…clients hiring a dancer for $50-$75 less and they have no clue that the pretty picture and lower fee are going to be just that, a pretty dancer with average skill. It is worth it to pay that little extra, ask any client, do not just take my word for it.


  1. Read reviews! Now unfortunately this I have seen grossly skewed by some “professionals” out there, but all in all read a few at least and make sure they even have reviews to begin with.


  1. Do not book last minute. The more time your bellydancer has to custom design the show, the better the result. It is easy to hire a bellydancer, read how HERE.

Photo Credit: nelkstv.weebly.com  Facebook page: Facebook.Com/nelkyt

Enjoy the video below and should you have an upcoming birthday party in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa or beyond, visit my birthday page and get started with all of the fun of hiring my bellydance entertainment for your event!