Belly Dance for Bachelorette PartyHere in Central FL there are a multitude of bachelorette party ideas in Orlando, but one that has been a consistent hit for unique entertainment is belly dance. Belly dance? Yes, belly dance for bachelorette party ideas. Let me illustrate what a great party idea this is for this type of this event from the story I am going to share with you today.

Earlier this year I received a call one day from a lovely lady named Rachel. Her best friend Jennifer was getting married at the end of May and she wanted to throw her friend a fabulous bachelorette party and surprise her with some entertainment. Jennifer was of middle eastern decent, so she while searching on Google for fun ideas, Rachel came across my website page on unique bachelorette party ideas in Orlando ( aka my belly dance shows for bridal showers and bachelorette parties).

As always we discussed the different show lengths, if the bridal party was more shy or outgoing, the wedding colors, the bride’s cultural background and much more. After a good conversation, we figured out that the “Bachelorette Party Performance and Lesson” package was ideal as the girls were interested in not just watching a short performance, but trying to learn a few moves they could use during the wedding.

The Day of the Bachelorette Party

The brides’ main wedding color was purple, so I came dressed with my favorite purple costume, brought the sound system and music, and once Rachel had all of the girls seated, sashayed into the room with 6ft tall purple and fuchsia wings to their delight. At first the girls were shy as they absorbed this fun surprise, but by the middle of the second song, they were following along with the zhagareeting, clapping along for the drum solo and ready to try this out themselves! Once the short performance was over though, I brought out the hip scarves and as they chose their favorite ones, I swiftly changed into my teaching attire.


As I re-entered the room the women were glowing with excitement in their jingly hipscarves, so I did what any professional would do, I gave them a fun, upbeat warm up to get their muscles ready, followed by a stretch to prevent any injury as they had never tried this style of dance before.

The giggles as they attempted their first move, the hip raise, was contagious. It had seemed so easy during the show, but once they each tried to isolate a specific muscle, comments such as “oh wow this is harder than I thought” and “I had no idea I could do that!”, began to be heard all around the room. With each movement break down, one by one, you could see the ladies having fun and laughing as they watched their best friends try to replicate what they saw and felt how their bodies either resisted or embraced the movement.

Party Time!

After a short lesson it was time to turn up the party dial and we formed a nice big circle and each danced to the hypnotic tunes booming for the sound system while simultaneously having the girls show off their favorite move of the day. Not surprisingly, shimmies and snake arms were crowd favorites, and once we were all sweaty and making quite a bit of noise at the Wyndham at Bonnet Creek resort room, we gave a bow and concluded the days show.

Jennifer was beaming as she came up to me and thanked me for the performance and lesson. She was even more taken aback when AI told her to keep her hipscarf as a reminder of all of the fun for the day. The girls and I took photos as you can see in this blog, and several decided to buy their hipscarf they used for class to wear at the wedding reception.

Want to Hire a Belly Dancer as a Unique Bachelorette Party Idea in Orlando?

You do not have to be a belly dancer, or know one to hire a belly dancer for a bachelorette party, you simply need the desire to have unique party entertainment, and a party of gals who want something elegant and fun rather than the typical male revue option most bachelorette parties tend to fall back on.

I hope that if you are planning a bachelorette party for your friend, or planning your own, that you will give this a try. You can find package information and prices here on my bridal packages page. Enjoy the planning, and congratulations to Jennifer on her wedding! Be different and try this unique belly dance for Bachelorette Party Ideas in Orlando, FL.