Easily, there are thousands of Entertainers in Orlando, FL & each day I am grateful for being chosen to perform at parties and weddings all around the state and even internationally. Today’s blog is dedicated to my “Villages Family” who teach me to love life and live to the fullest.

This picture is from a bellydance show I performed for a few months back (thank you for sending these over Gigi!). Although it was the holidays, we also celebrated a special birthday guest along with him and his wife’s huge circle of friends. If you have a birthday coming up and are stuck with what to do, take a cue from Gigi and her husband and do the unexpected!

The Villages is an upscale senior and retirement community for the active and merry. The life stories you here are enough to keep you in awe and amazed at how fully so many here have lived. While their age may be well into the 70’s and 80’s for many, they sure know how to have fun and love to be entertained.

Hiring entertainers in Orlando, FL to travel to the Villages to perform is something i am requested to do on an almost monthly basis and quite worth it for all of the guests. To experience a live entertainer interact with the crowd, put on a show with music that was specifically chosen to highlight your friends different backgrounds and tastes and see your husband attempt the belly roll is sure to delight.

So why write a blog over this? Because the art of live entertainment can never be replaced with a movie. Watching an entertainer is one thing, but feeling the energy, the vibrations of the music and the reaction from the crowd is simply ecstasy. This blog is to thank you all for the support of the Arts, and for hiring a professional and highly skilled belly dancer to come perform at your events week after week after week, since 2008. There are so many entertainers in Orlando, FL and a belly dancer is always a unique and vivacious way to spruce up a birthday party, corporate event or wedding.

Although my home base is in Orlando, many other bellydancers and I are used to being hired out of our city and performing all over. It is a myth that we only travel where we live.

Need a belly dancer for your event? It is very easy to learn more and to watch videos. Simply head on over to the hire a belly dancer page which will explain a few popular show options (all are custom deigned to fit your event), describe the 2 needed items to book the date, and contain several reviews. There are thousands of entertainers in Orlando, FL and beyond, and I truly thankful to you all for choosing me to be a part of your special day!