These triplets MADE their dad call me to bellydance as their Sweet Sixteen Party Entertainment in Kissimmee, FL. When their father Freddy was on the phone with me, I was giggling with delight as he told me how his daughters practically forced him to call and make sure I was at their party. I am so humbled by lovely stories like these.

Thankfully I was not booked for that specific day, and there was no way I was going to miss meeting these girls and making their party that much more special anyways!

Often times organizing a mega sweet sixteen is a major undertaking planning wise, now imagine showcasing three distinct personalities in one party! The parents did a great job though as you could see their unique touches and personalities shine through in the decor, gowns they wore, and music choices.

These young ladies were simply hilarious and were not shy to voice their feelings as I brought them to the dance floor and showed them a few fun moves. Once they had their hip scarves on, it was on! These three were absolutely gorgeous as they spun in their beautiful gowns.

Here is a video where you can see a few highlights from the Sweet Sixteen Party Entertainment  (big thank you to Carlos Bron for this video). You can contact Carlos via email at:


What really stood out to me that night was the girls energy! I have been asked before if i can remember every party I have ever performed for, and yes I definitely can which is impressive to me as my memory is typically not the best. The reason I can remember each event vividly is because i will often associate a unique fact about each with the client. For this sweet 16 party, I will never forget it because the triplets were so loving, infectious, energetic and hilarious! I adore you ladies! When the people radiate energy, it is hard to forget!

If you are curious about the different show options for my Sweet Sixteen Party Entertainment visit my Sweet 16/Quinceanera page. Make your birthday party the highlight of the year, and watch how a belly dance show will transform the party!

Thank you Illusion Banquet Hall for always helping and making me feel at home.