Valentine’s day is not too far away now, and like many of you, I begin searching for fun and romantic Valentine’s day ideas for my honey and I during January. This blog post is perfect for the lady in your life, or couple who loves to give the gift of a great experience! Something that will leave memories for years to come.

As a professional belly dancer here in Orlando, FL I implore you to read this post and decide which Valentine’s day package you feel would work best for your loved one(s).

  1. Valentine’s Day Girls Day!

If you are planning a get-together for several couples and want a fun surprise for all of the ladies, this will be amazing! Imagine this, you are all catching up after all of the guests have arrived when all the men come up and make an announcement, “ladies we have a surprise for you! Enjoy this amazing performance and lesson by world champion bellydancer Jennifer while we go and prepare a delicious dessert spread”. The ladies will be so happy to watch a mini-show and then learn a few beautiful moves.

It is a win-win situation. The guys get some time to catch up and eat a few treats, while their spouses learn some elegant dance moves that boosts their confidence.

2. Restaurant Surprise!

Do you two plan to have reservations made and dine at your favorite restaurant around Valentine’s day? If so, do what so many of my clients have done and while dining in a private room, and at the perfect moment, the server presses play and lively begins to play. The dancer sashays in and you and your loved one enjoy a mini-show during dinner, with the icing on the cake being a special performance to “your song’ at the end of the show for all of us to dance and enjoy together.

3. Red Hot Valentine’s Bellydance Show

This show is over the top! Here I will begin my show at your home/venue with a fire performance to really impress your guests followed by golden era bellydance classics that sing all about love. All of the props and even costume will be valentine’s day themed and guests can enjoy picture time afterwards.

Valentine’s doesn’t always have to mean expensive flowers and candy. It can be an amazing and unique experience that the two of you will remember for decades. Surprise your man/woman with an elegant and romantic themed show this Valentines’ Day and celebrate your love for one another, and show them that you are no cookie-cutter when it comes to valentine’s surprises!

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