Unique Valentines Gift IdeasValentines is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but the idea of going out to a restaurant is NOT what my boyfriend and I feel is very original. So If you are having a hard time trying to figure out Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for him or her, I dare you to open your mind up to the idea of belly dance…read on, and let me convince you why.


Why it is the Perfect Valentines Idea for Her:


  • If you do your HW (please, please, please DO watch videos and look for awards) you will find a talented, highly professional and elegant performer who will cater to the woman in your life’s needs and taste. The belly dancer will wear your ladies favorite color, incorporate her favorite music or “your song” and make her smile and laugh with humorous bits sprinkled in. Once your girlfriend/wife/partner has calmed through the shock from the surprise, how fun will it be for her to strike a pose, try a couple quick moves, and feel beautiful and brave while dancing.


  • When you hire a professional expect her to wear sparkly attire that is family friendly and maybe even a dress for the Valentines day performance. She will use soft and beautiful props that females appreciate such as white peacock feather fans, gorgeous silks and even a tray of candles both of you can blow out to celebrate the romantic occasion.
  • The investment will not break the bank for the rest of the year. For $225-$300 (depending on which show you choose), you can have watch a full glamorous performance in the comfort of your own home or in a venue that will give her a heck of a surprise, and the music and interaction will have her smiling wide!


Why It is the Perfect Valentines Idea for Him:


  • Most men would never expect a belly dance show on Valentines. They will assume the usual gifts (boxers, pictures, candies), but to have a professional performer come out and do a full routine is just so impressive and unique, he will have to step up his game for the next year guaranteed!


  • You will not have to worry about him drooling or anything ridiculous I promise. So long as you do your hw (check out her videos, awards, pictures and reviews) for about $225-$300 you can get a top of the line performer, dressed in a couture belly dance dress , playing your favorite music, and give you nothing but a great laugh when you see your honey trying to do a hip twist. Elegance and fun are always a win win!


  • Both of you will be able to share in a new experience together over his favorite meal or with the entire family, and have more than just a good plate of food, but a unique and warm memory that you both can remember for years to come. It beats dinner and boxers any day!

I hope you give this V-day idea a try. I know not everyone will be looking for Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for him/her in Orlando, but if you live outside of this area and need helping figuring out if you chose the right belly dancer, or have questions, please feel free to email or call me (407) 900-8397. A professional belly dancer will be able to deliver an amazing and elegant show you will never forget.