belly-dancer-for-unique--gay-wedding-entertainment in orlando.jpgAs the country grows in its support for gay weddings (we still have a long way to go), I just couldn’t hold my excitement any longer with an email I received earlier this week. As someone who provides unique wedding entertainment in Orlando, I was very glad when a couple wrote to me about their upcoming ceremony. Justin contacted me wanting to know if I would perform for their upcoming wedding after watching my videos, as his soon to be husband is of Lebanese decent.

Of course I gave a resounding “YES”. I have no problem at all performing for couples, whether straight or homosexual, whatsoever. I know everyone may not agree with my open mindedness, but personally a wedding is to celebrate the union and love between two people, and no matter what the sexual orientation, providing you happiness and fun on your wedding day is my absolute joy.

Stop Discriminating

I often wonder why it is so hard for people to accept change. If two people love each other, it is their right to get married if they choose. I get quite angry when I see the beatings, bullying, and painful words that are directed to same sex partnerships (my own friends who are openly gay have had it rough). We live in a country where we should have the right to marry whomever, and not allowing a gay couple to be married in a certain state they reside in is very sad to me to be perfectly frank!

Most of us know that eventually it will be legalized in the majority of states, but until then know that “yes”, I am a gay friendly business, “yes” I will vote for same sex marriage to be approved, “yes” I perform for same sex weddings as whether straight or homosexual, I see no difference in the love and passion between the couples gaze.

Cheers for Gay Weddings and Vendors Who Support Them!

Here is to more legislation allowing gay marriage! If you are looking for unique gay wedding ideas, click HERE. I can’t wait to meet you and your boo in July Justin, and I couldn’t be any more excited to provide dazzling Wedding entertainment in Orlando for your reception.