Interview With Sal Maktoub About Tannoura

This week I have a special treat for all the readers around the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sal Maktoub on his experience as a tannoura artist and what the industry is like now. Why? In my Make Me Amazing Program, level 3 deals with learning regional dance styles and props. One lecture […]

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Holiday Blowout Sale

It is that time of year again…the time where we are searching for the perfect bellydance gift idea, and holiday deals that make us feel good! This year, if you are searching for presents for your dance friend or to treat yourself, here is my 2016 blowout sale! I have a limited number of book […]

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Bellydancing With Arthritis


I was watching the hands and arms of some of my favorite dancers on youtube last night and while so inspired and happy to watch them again, I had a moment of sincere hand lust and sadness. I have been experiencing more consistent and prolonged flare-ups of arthritis. It lasts for quite some time and […]

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Hire a Bellydancer In Orlando, FL for Your Birthday Party!

Why should you hire a bellydancer for your birthday party…because it beats anything else, that is why! How? Let me show you! As you can see from the video, the belly dance entertainment is designed to be interactive and features quite a variety of acts to keep guests on their toes. Sometimes clients say, “just play […]

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