Something I find really great about our local belly dance community here in Orlando is that I often see a lot of men coming out to shows to support their girlfriend or wife. It is really nice that non-Arab men can feel comfortable attending shows and not feel like he is the only one there. Funny enough, there seem to be some interesting similarities when it comes to signs that a man is dating or married to a belly dancer.

In honor of my raging flu which has me stationary in bed, I decided to write this funny blog. Please feel free to share and add some of your own points in the comments section at the end of this blog.

1. He knows that when you are down or deserving of a little gift, sparkly items do the trick

2. He has a couple of your belly dance songs on his iTunes and maybe even as a ringtone for you when you call

3. He knows all the belly dance gossip

4. He knows several belly dancers and will remember if he has seen them at a hafla or gala

5. He has your business cards around for chance encounters where they can refer you

6. Hookah and tea are now part of his life

7. He shows up to work and realizes he missed a spot of glitter on his clothes…again

8. He knows common belly dance terms such as Zhagareet, habibi, aiwa and kaftan

9. When a show is fast approaching, he knows how to handle belly dance stress days where you might be a bit overly short tempered10. He has come to terms with the fact that bhuz is a necessary form of relaxation for his lady

11. He is way too comfortable with the sight of swords, daggers, fire, and other dangerous props

12. He knows how to shimmy at a minimum…and might even be better at it too lol!

Please please please add some of your own ideas in the comments box below. It would be so fun to see what others have to add that are not only just in the Orlando Belly Dance community, but also across the world. What would you add to the list of items as someone who is dating or married to a belly dancer? To learn more about me visit the about page.