skype_online_belly-dance_classes.jpgIf I had a dime for every email I received expressing uncertainty about the performance and results that Skype gives as far as belly dance classes I would be one rich lady lol!

Like many others out there, some of the common reservations about taking private coaching via Skype or online for that matter is that a) you might not see clearly  b) the connection might fall often   c) the instructor will not be able to teach you as good as she/he does in person   d) it is more expensive

Here are the answers to your myths and worries:

A) You can’t see as clearly as you would in person

This all depends on your internet connection and speed. To be perfectly honest, the first thing I do before we begin working together via Skype is do a trial call where we test out the speed and clarity of your image and even move the laptop or tablet around, until you get a clear, crisp picture.

If you are one of the unlucky few, that just do not have the ideal connection, then we decline Skype classes and the option of me traveling to you or vice versa is discussed or I can refer you to a trusted professional in your area if I have someone to recommend. DO not just not give online belly dance classes a try for fear, try a call with me, before you book your package and 9 times out of 10 you will be superbly happy with the crisp clear picture and sound.

B) The Connection Might Fall

If you have weak wi-fi hands down, we will not be able to work together. If you do pass my trial call, like most though, the chances of your call falling occur every once and a while to be honest, be I call right back and the time wasted is added, so no matter what, you get the time you paid for! It does not happen often enough though to make it a reason not to do an online private belly dance class.

C) The Instructor will Not be Able to Teach You as Well as she/he Does in Person 


What a load of bologna! This is probably the worst myth ever made! If the instructor is great, he/she will have the taken the time to figure out how to teach via skype perfectly, and will not skip a beat. Ask my Skype student sand they will tell you! I make sure I see your feet to the tips of your head and hands. No detail or bad habit is left unnoticed. If anything on skype I get to see you in many more angles as I have to consciously do so at all times.

D) It is More Expensive

This is also not true. I charge you the same amount online as in-person. Just because you live a state or a continent away doesn’t not mean I inflate my prices! My prices are what they are, they stay the same for my out of towners, so no more crazy myths please lol!

Moral of the Story


Moral of the story, if you want to grow as a dancer, person, and professional, I highly recommend you at least contact me and give a Skype call trial to see if your internet connection is perfect for online belly dance classes via Skype and if so, make your goals a reality and try my private belly dance classes now via this link! Happy 2014!