With less private events, restaurant gigs, regular classes and etc. during these unprecedented times, I am sure I am not alone when I say that our bodies have been adjusting to all of this as well. I had been so used to doing that cardio each weekend, and living an active lifestyle. I have always had a high metabolism and have made working out and eating right a lifestyle choice since an early age, and with COVID, it has been interesting to see what changes have occurred as a result of not doing consistent and regular private parties like I was before.

A Change in Mass

I am going to be pretty transparent here and say that while I am still ‘thin” by most standards the ratio of fat and muscle has definitely been a change I am experiencing. Where my belly was completely flat and my arms lean, I know have a bit of extra love around my biceps and triceps and have a little mini pooch going on. Why do I share this? Because we are all human. We go through changes and COVID has been a change that I think none of us could have ever prepared for. I never thought I would lose muscle mass even though I still workout consistently during this pandemic. I never realized I depended on bellydance still, after 13 years to keep my fat percentage down. I truly thought my body was so used to it and I would not see a change. I was wrong lol!

All those workshop weekends and private parties do add up. So, for the first time, I am experiencing an increase in fat percentage and honestly, it isn’t something I am happy with, and that is ok. Many may be experiencing it and have a positive relationship with a fat percentage gain as all the constant cardio before kept them leaner than they would have liked.

I for one will be running with my pups as soon as this terrible back sprain heals (yep, another sprain as usual due to my double scoliosis). I am excited to add running into my workout schedule until things normalize and my boys will definitely love it too. This blog has come about as I have been dealing with this new level of softness in my body and how to move forward.

What Does Weight Mean To You?

If you notice, I don’t really mention “weight” a lot in this post. That is because my view on weight and I how I approach it is vastly different than many of my peers. I do not care about weight. To me it is a number that does not accurately reflect and account for our muscle mass, fat percentage or basically in a nutshell, firmness to softness in our bodies. I stopped caring about my weight a long, long time ago. In high school actually. I started just reacting to how I looked in pictures and how my clothes fit. In my 20’s and 30’s this has been a very healthy way for me to view my health personally and it makes me very happy. I pretty much am the same weight all the time it feels. This may be the first time where it may be different, who knows. But one thing is for sure, it is important that we not focus on a number on a scale, but rather our overall health and our muscle to fat ratios and how that looks and feels on our bodies.

As a dancer I can’t tell you how many times I have seen/heard things that concerned me regarding other dancers and their weight. It is not my place to give my opinion when I see it unless if I am asked as weight and health are such personal and sensitive topics for many. I keep quiet. But when I hear of a dancer not eating for an entire day, and then gorging after a show, or doing so much cardio to where they lose their figure, I do get worried. Society places so much stress on men and women about how we “should” look and at some point, we have to find that balance between what is healthy and accentuates our figures and what is deemed as beautiful in a particular society.

What A Dancer Should Look Like?…

I take the stance personally that as a performer, a dance artist and someone that loves fitness, that there should be a healthy dose of musculature and a lower fat percentage than the average person. This is based upon what leads to heightened performance as an athlete and also based upon ideas about aesthetics from my Hispanic and American background. This is not something everyone will agree with, nor do they need to, it is simply what I find to be ideal and beautiful in my eyes and I am aware how I have been conditioned to feel this way.

Rather than delving into that rabbit hole, I am going to swing back around and go back to simply being aware of the changes our body is going through right now, what can one can do about it if they desire to at all, and how does the change in our body help or detriment our dance abilities. All things that I am musing over and processing.

What Adjustments Are You Making?

Are you a fellow dance brother or sister who has seen an increase in your fat percentage due to COVID? Even while working out? What are your favorite cardio workouts? For those who yo-yo in their weight, how do you cope with it? Do you feel you even need to? Let’s be real and I want to hear your insights and advice, so drop a comment below. I am sending everyone a huge virtual hug and I intend to be in my best shape ever by the time this year is done. Sometimes we just have to find a different way to do things, and for me that will be running. What is your “adjustment” that you have made during this time? Take care and talk to you all soon! Have questions? Contact me today.