When it comes to performing for a birthday or wedding in Orlando, FL it seems many a dancer tends to choose one or the other as their favorite. In fact many will go as far as charging extra for weddings compared to birthdays, or offering a completely separate show. The way I see it, it a bit different, I charge a flat fee depending on how glamorous the show and the length of time. Both events mark huge milestones for clients and deserve to be equally amazing in glamour in my book.

Here are some major differences from a bellydancers’ point of view between wedding and birthday party celebrations.



When it comes to dance space, half the time I am hired to perform at large catering halls or hotel ballrooms, and the other half of the time I perform at private residences. The banquet hall spaces are always set up to accommodate a dance area which means lots of space. Private residences on the other hand are typically not as large in cleared off dance space. Yes, the client will often show me ahead of time where i am to perform, but often times issues such as furniture, ceiling heights, and cement flooring if outside by the pool are hurdles to overcome.

With birthday parties, it is fun but also some work to sneak in the home. Typically I am hired to be the highlight of the evening and am a secret to the birthday person and guests. Having to hide alongside the house, sneak into the dressing area, and be seen by as few people as possible when carrying 20lbs of costuming, props, jewelry, shoes, and makeup is quite interesting.

Birthdays do offer a little less coordinating than a wedding though. Birthdays typically only require me to consult with the D.J. (if there is one) and venue coordinator (if there is one). Other than that, I can spend the extra time choreographing some more and adding fun details to the show. Performing for a birthday or wedding definitely has its’ differences!

Weddings Receptions


Wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners in Orlando on the other hand take quite a bit of planning and typically the coordinating begins 6-12 months ahead. Not only is there a d.j. and venue coordinator, but there is also the brides wedding planner, videographer, maid of honor, photographer, and etc…

Why more work? Because all of the vendors need to plan ahead and make sure we know what is going on when, where to put all of the props and costuming, make sure to get a copy of the performance, and coordinate who will pay me so the bride can enjoy her day and not worry about leaving the party, That is why.

One major perk is that it is not such a big obstacle to sneak in a wedding. A soon as I arrive to the wedding location I am met by the planner or staff member to the bridal changing suite or personal room. From there the same staff member brings all of my items to the D.J. and props onto the stage/dance floor. It is a quick and easy process for sure!

Weddings 99.9% of the time are done at venues where the dance floor is large and there is even a stage often times! This makes this bellydancer happy!

The only downside can be that you are so far from the guests at times compared to the birthday party done at home where you can literally feed off the energy and pick on guests easily.

I adore performing for a birthday or wedding equally. To me they are huge milestones and require a lot of work no matter what to pull off seamlessly. If you would like to hire me for your birthday party or wedding in Orlando, FL visit my hire page.