This week I would love to share a few music ideas belly dancers can use for the holidays and a few recommendations with you that are helpful when performing holiday entertainment at all the Christmas and winter themed parties coming up. 


The first thing to mention about the suggestions below is that there is a little something for everyone, so make sure you ask your clients if they want secular music, or if they wish to include a few songs fitting their religious background.


The next thing that should be mentioned is the decision to use holiday themed music or not. Many a purist will shy away from using some of these suggestions because frankly this is not what would be used in the Middle Eastern set, but here in America we do have a little bit more flexibility and we will often get booked for Christmas and other holiday themed parties.


That being said, if you do wish to use holiday themed bellydance music in your set, make sure it does not become too “hokey”, that it is kept to a minimum so that the audience can really enjoy the true belly dance music (they did hire a belly dancer for the Middle Eastern aspect, not for techno remixes), and make sure you get your clients feedback on this beforehand if you want to be sure on whether to use some of this music or not. Find out if they are Muslim or Christian or Jewish so that you play music that is appropriate to their belief system.


Here is a list of some popular holiday themed belly dance songs I personally feel can fit into this theme. I hope you enjoy them, and let me know if you used any in your set or have any songs you would like for me to add to this list so that we can all help each other out when needing music inspiration for our gigs!


Holiday Themed Music Ideas for Bellydancers:


  1. 1. Zillere Gel: this is basically Jingle Bells on top of a Malfuf rhythm. Very fun way to enter with a holiday themed song for an American audience!

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Zillere Gel (Belly Dance)

  • 2. Deck the Halls: this is a nice mid tempo piece with oud and harp taking the lead to give this Christmas classic a brand new feel.

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Deck The Halls


  1. 3.Mutlu Nice Yillar: Turkish infused rendition of “We Wish you a Merry Christmas. This one has lyrics, and is a mid- tempo that is quite steady.

  1. 4. Arabian dance: This one I got from bhuz and used it once with LED wings and the audience really dug it. There is nothing middle eastern about this song whatsoever but it does work well with flowy wind using props. It is a slow tempo, so use this wisely in your set if you choose to include it.

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The Nutcracker Suite: Arabian Dance

  1. 5. “I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES” : again nothing Middle Eastern at all about this, I got this from the Peter Pan soundtrack, but it definitely has that whimsy, magical feel to it that resonates well with the holiday season. It has a slow tempo, and would work quite well with wind props like silk wings for example.


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I Do Believe In Fairies

    1. 6. The Play and the Fight from the Finding Neverland album is also quite beautiful and magical! I typically combine this with “The Rehearsal” from the same album.

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Finding Neverland (Soundtrack)


There are so many more albums out there with holiday music, but these are my personal favorites for use in the occasion I am requested to use holiday themed music during my Bellydance performance at holiday parties. Hope this helps if you are in the process of trying to find some seasonal music for your holiday gig, and if you would like to book me for your holiday party entertainment simply click here.