Hangry BellydancerIs this you… a few hours have passed since your last meal (and by a few I mean 2-3 hours tops) and all of a sudden the hunger pangs hit, your stomach feels as if its eating itself, your face begins to get pale, your head starts to throb a little and unfortunately your honey or loved steps in the room and “ROAR”, the inner monster, that evil little entity that resides in the depths of your psyche comes out and utters a mean or sharp response to whatever they may have just said. If so then you are a Hangry Bellydancer.

This is what I often try and try to avoid on a daily basis, but with 6 meals a day, skipping one can easily trigger this response no matter how hard I try. Not sure if there is a name for this correlation between hungry fast metabolism belly dancers and the aggression that ensues if we are not fed promptly, but it happens so often that I decided to devote an entire blog to this dilemma lol.


The Person Who Gets “Hit” The Worst


Mostly, I want to say sorry to my love, the one who gets the worst of this “condition”. He is such a sweet heart, but when I am hungry, he knows to back away or feel the bite. It probably sounds more humorous written here, but it makes me feel horrible. I feel like an utter b$&^% for snapping at him for the simple reason of having intense hunger pains.


What Your Stomach Feels Like…


I don’t think people quite understand how intense the pain feels. It literally feels as if your insides are being squeezed, bitten away, and the sensation like your sugar level is very low occurs (even though I suffer from no sugar issues) resulting in the pale complexion I described before.

I wonder how others deal with this issue. I try to take deep breaths, be extra aware that I need to maintain my nerve and try to be nice while I wait for my meal to be ready, and to not say much until after I have eaten, but when you are at these crazy long belly dance events what is one to do? I almost always end up having a moment as a Hangry Bellydancer.

I am soo guilty of probably being way more quiet and snappy at those “after the event” meals. Typically during galas you have danced at workshops all days, then have to wait through a 2-3 hour long show and then pack up, and THEN get to go eat. Ugh! What is a chronic food-a-holic to do? I can bring snacks yes, but they don’t make a dent in the level of pain to be honest. I need rice, meat, not a granola bar people!


I Am Sorry 🙁


So I just want to say sorry to my honey, to my family, to my fellow belly dance friends who have witnessed my pale face and tight temper when I have gone for longer than 3 hours without being fed. To anyone else who goes through this, and I hope some of you can help explain to me and others why this happens, some ways to help “fix” this issue (I know I have a really fast metabolism which is bad/good) and tips to help a Hangry Bellydancer, because all of mine have failed lol!