With the New Year an influx of calls from students seeking bellydancing classes in Orlando, FL arrives and with it many, many, many questions and concerns to address.


If you have ever been interested in taking classes from me there is an entire menu of courses to choose from, but the biggest differentiators to know beforehand are that:

1) I teach PRIVATE classes only. I do not teach group classes. I prefer to teach 1:1 or 1:2 and to mentor and coach my students on an intimate level to ensure success.

2) Bellydance classes can be in person or via skype on a date and time that we set.  This is great for students that have a non-traditional schedule. I only teach classes from 9am-5pm, no night or weekend classes.

3) I am strict. I think that in general belly dance classes in the U.S. are made to be far too easy and focused on the “fun and fitness”. In private Bellydance classes we focus on in depth study; there are syllabi, exams, critique, and a lot of sweat and hard work. If you seek to perform right and wear pretty costumes, that will not happen here until at least your 3rd year when you have earned it. That is simply the philosophy here.


With all that cleared and out of the way, below is my current menu of decadent Bellydance classes offered here in Orlando and via skype. If any of these interest you simply email or call me. All information can be found on my contact page.


Bellydance Class Menu

1) Rhythms and Roots Course!

We all hear that we need to know rhythms, but why really? What does it mean for your choreography? What movements go with them? What If I do not read music or am not good at zills? If you have wondered about any of this, this class is for you! We will take 5 weeks to focus intently on these rhythms, make flash cards, get mini hwk’s and learn how deeply integrated the rhythms are to your performance and their meanings. This is so much more than memorizing “dum’s and tek’s”, discover how to understand this “language“ so to speak, and all of its meanings.

Cost:  $240/5 class pack

2) Make Me AMAZING! (in person or via Skype)

This is a 5 level program where students begin from square 1 and work their way up to becoming a professional in this genre. Cultural study, musicology, technique, emotionality, and the business are taught through a natural progression. This is not for the faint of heart, and is made for those seriously interested in becoming a belly dancer.
Cost: $60/class or $240/ 5 class card


3) Choreography Help & Competition Coaching (in person or via skype)

Have a big performance or competition coming up and you want to create something amazing and strong? In this program you and I will work on creating a piece that is created by you, with jennifer’s ideas and guidance inserted throughout to ensure the choreography is strong, and she will guide you on all you need to know to be fully prepared and become more efficient in your dance, practice habits, and improve your technical and choreographic abilities.
Cost: $80/class or $320/ 5 class pass

4. Make the Choreography for Me Please!

Some of us simply do not have the time or the natural ability yet to create strong choreographies, but have the discipline and talent it takes to execute choreographies beautifully when given them. Here Jennifer will create the choreography for your next big performance! After a consultation to decide what style, mood, and song would like for your next performance, Jennifer will create a piece for you and deliver it to you section by section via dropbox. Each recording will have an in depth breakdown and cultural connotations to aide in your understanding of the “why” behind it all.
Cost: starting at $600+


5. Sampler Bellydance Class

If you simply need help figuring out the root of an issue you may be having technically, want to focus on a specific topic, or get pointers on a topic having to do with the business, a sample Bellydance class would be ideal.
Cost: $60/class


How Do I Register?

To register for class it is very easy, simply visit my bellydancing class page and select the bellydancing class that interests you the most. You can pay using paypal or your credit card via the handy buttons. I look forward to meeting you and providing you with bellydancing classes in Orlando that are focused on getting results!