“The Love of My Life”
Farid Al Atrache & Samia Gamal’s
Artistic Contributions to Golden Era Film

There is so much history and artistic richness that came about during the period of Samia Gamal and Al Farid Al Atrache. In this series, we will cover the contributions to Golden Age cinema these artists produced and its lasting effects. At a time when there is so much going on in the world, let’s relax, nerd out together and discuss the musical masterpieces that were composed, the how and why’s behind their lives, and how this can help our dance community today.

While very successful, both artists faced hardship and left a legacy that will never be forgotten.

This workshop lecture series will be compromised of 4 parts:

September 3-, 2020- Part I: History (Ottoman Empire-1952)

September 10, 2020- Part II: Farid Al Atrache & His Contributions

September 17, 2020- Part III: Samia Gamal & Her Contributions

September 24, 2020- Part IV: Their Golden Age Films Together & the Impact

Total Time: 3 hours plus time for questions at the end. Each lecture in the series is 45 minutes long. All lectures will be recorded and available for streaming the next day.

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