orlando belly dancer back sprains and scoliosis.jpgSo I am 25, a hard working Orlando Belly Dancer, and have now experienced my 3rd back sprain in the last 2 years. Why? Because even though I take measures to improve my health, it is not enough for what my issues are (my horrendous double scoliosis) and the fact that when you dance full time, doing the minimum health care is too little!

Let Me Explain

Even if you do not have double scoliosis, here Is the minimum doctors advise we do as dancers:
Always warm up, and then stretch before performing

    1. 1. ALWAYS do a nice cool down stretch after your performance

    1. 2. Once you’re back home and showered after a performance, ice your back, knees and other problem areas that swell from dancing

    1. 3. Take supplements for your bones
    1. 4. Make sure to go to a chiropractor at least once a month

    1. 5. Make sure to get a massage at least once a month

    1. 6. Make muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises part of your daily or at a stark minimum “every other day” routine.

  1. 7. Take localized anti-inflammatory if needed

So What is the Problem, Why Can’t this Orlando Belly Dancer Stay Healthy?

Well like most 25 year olds I don’t do all of this  due to stupid excuses, and to make matters worse having double scoliosis requires weekly care as a dancer which leads to mucho $$$. If you do the above minimum requirements, most dancers will be just fine. When you have back issues guess what, easy ticket to a sprained back if you don’t get more serious care more often.

It is so aggravating to wake up, and as soon as you get out of bed have a swollen back and knee, more so when you are expected to perform your best for your students and paying audience.

If you suffer from scoliosis or other back problems always seek out your doctor and make sure to take care of things right away. I know many of us are tight on money and time, but I want others to learn from my mistakes. We are never out of the risk of having injuries and all one needs to do is to follow a regimen and invest a portion of your income into your health now rather than not be able to dance later.

Do not make the same mistakes I did and do the minimum on the above list if you have back issues. If you have back problems such as likelihood of sprains, really take the time now to take care of yourself so you can have a long dance career which is what this Orlando Belly Dancer hopes to have.