This Belly Dancer in Orlando is so sick and tired of the awful comments, stares, and overall bullying I see occur when some audience members (both men and women) see a male belly dancer. I want to take the opportunity now, to say it like it is, because frankly it is absolutely ridiculous that my male dance friends should have to deal with so much judgment.
NO. Not all male belly dancers are gay. Just because a man chooses Middle Eastern dance as their artistic medium that does not automatically make them homosexual. The dance is a female dominated, and has quite a few sensual and feminized movements, but whether a male decides to dance this art form in the original feminized way or to make it more masculine, either is beautiful and accepted and does not automatically make them homosexual.
There are male belly dancers who are homosexual, and so what! Just because they are gay that does not make them any less of a man so quit it with the comments! Some of the most wonderful, strong, and genuinely sweet belly dancers I have met have been men. They bring all the talent and less of the feminine drama which I naturally enjoy being around.
So whether gay or straight, stop judging and look at the dancer for what truly matters….are they amazing, talented dancers? That is what the focus should be, not their sexual orientation!

Myth #2: “Belly Dance is for Women Only”

UGH!!! No it is open to all. Yes there was a time in the very very very beginning where historically the dance came from small social gatherings of women, or during religious ceremonies, but almost as long as belly dance has been around, so has the male belly dancer. They would mimic or even mock the female dancers and could be found dancing for payment as well.
No matter whether male or female, when someone sees a dance they are compelled by, they will be drawn to try it. Men of course, especially during more ancient times, were not motivated to learn this dance as much as the women were, but regardless have persisted and have helped keep this dance alive.

Myth #3: “Male Belly Dancers Won’t Make It”

Bull! Whether you are a restaurant owner, nightclub owner, or event organizer, male belly dancers can equally add the elegance and excitement of a belly dance show and engage audience members. Here in America I have to generalize, but in general the men aren’t too keen on watching a male belly dancer because of the whole “homophobe” taunting (which I find ridiculous and childish).
I bet you though that if you show an American man for example, a strong male dancer, with charisma, skill, and charm, and tell him to sit and have an open mind, that 9 times out of 10 he will come out with a much better opinion.
 Sorry if I am ranting, but I am sick and tired of seeing promising talent being too afraid to come out on stage because they are afraid of what their family and peers might say. If someone has a passion, let them be free to go for it. When you see a male dancer come to your classes, give them extra attention and nurture them. Why? Because many times they are the ones who must hide, or go through so many internal and external struggles just to come to class.
Give them all your support and teach them to be elegant, dynamic, and compelling dancers. Have a great night and share your thought below for this Belly Dancer in Orlando.