I am thrilled to announce that after months of writing and planning, my first e-book is finally ready to help so many of you out there who have been on the fence about or interested in improving your performance at competitions!


Whether this is your 10th competition or you are gearing up for your first one, the book has a plethora of information to get you to the next step.

This handbook is full of in-depth accounts, advice, stories and so much more to help prevent many of the common mistakes that occur. When I began I was a mess, but through the process I learned so much and have been able to compile this book based off of years of experience and knowledge of what “works” and what “doesn’t”.

Many of you have inquired about my competition coaching program as well, and if that interests you please visit my Bellydancing classes page.

Here is What a Reader Had to Say

Soooooo I just finished reading your book!!!!!!! Once I started I couldn’t stop, it’s such a great read!!!! The content is amazing, and I love your writing style… it’s like talking to a girlfriend.

The handbook should be like step 1 for anyone who’s considering competing.  And then the bonus information in the appendix is great; I think that and the entire book itself will have a few people realizing they don’t know as much as they think they do, and hopefully will inspire some dancers to get more educated.    – Rosa


Get ready to learn the secrets to competition success, get answers to your most sought out questions and obtain a blunt look into what you can expect when preparing for a contest. Improve your score, support your community, and avoid having points marked off due to silly or naïve errors.


It is my sincere hope that after reading this handbook you will feel 100% prepared mentally for the amazing journey ahead, fine-tune your contest preparation, and create your strongest performance to date!


No more mystery and frustration, learn how to Raq it at your next bellydance competition from a world winning belly dancer.



How You Will Benefit:



  • Get The Skinny on Bellydance Competitions (No Holding Back)
  • Preparation Advice so Nothing Stands in Your Way
  • Score Sheets and the Different Outcomes per Calculation Method
  • Music and Choreography Advice
  • Burnout and Negativity Tips
  • Competition Day Checklist
  • Special Bonus


Everything from costuming, music, software recommendations, etiquette and more will be broken down for you in easy to digest sections as well.


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Here is What Sadie Marquardt Had to Say:

“WOW! I am so proud of my friends today!! And here is another great gem. Bellydance competitions have become a prominent feature in our community, Jennifer Bellydance provides genuine, personal and pertinent tips and experience to help you navigate the world of competition! Perfect timing since The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition is just around the corner!”