As some of you may have heard, I opened up the online bellydance school called “Savvy Bellydancers School” this year. What you may not know if you haven’t clicked over and visited is just how specialized the topics are and how near and dear this project is to my heart.

There are tons and tons of online bellydance dance schools and bellydance is a popular subject. So what makes this online bellydance school different? Simple…

  1. The online content focuses on hard to find subjects which answer the why and how behind a lot of bellydance movements, music/culture, fashions, and business strategies that lead to great success.
  2. Did you say business strategies? Yes! If you can’t earn money and are a professional, then there is a major disconnect or error going on. I share my knowledge in powerful marketing strategies and tactics with other entrepreneurs which face it…who really does that at this level of depth?
  3. Rather than monthly memberships, I offer packages that include one on one coaching, consulting or even critique. Can you watch videos a-la-carte, yes, but how cool is it to get the 1 on 1 support you need with packages.
  4. First-time users get 20% off any video or package of their choosing. Doesn’t hurt to get a little motivation to visit right? Use the PROMO CODE: first timer
  5. Videos are uploaded weekly so no matter what, there will always be fresh ideas and concepts to learn. Anyone can learn a dance move from an online studio, but this online school focuses on harder to find details on a particular topic, such as making a move appear larger on small bodies, or activation/awareness drills that are internal and greatly change the visual outcome. That is just one example of how these videos offer something unique to the market.

Are you on Facebook? Awesome! Once you purchase videos or packages, you will be added to the exclusive Savvy Bellydancers Facebook group where you can connect with other savvy dancers and discuss your dance goals and make new friends.

I thoroughly recommend that you take a minute to visit the online bellydance school and gain clarity and empowerment.