Today I am on my way to a bellydance convention and when i arrived each of my car mates had a huge luggage plus three others bags for a weekend trip and then they saw my carry on luggage and couldn’t believe it all in. the request came in to do a blog with tips on how to pack effectively, and so here it is! How to pack smart for a bellydance convention

– Kind bars
– If there is no continental breakfast pack cereal and milk or bagels and cream cheese (things that don’t need heating)
-hard boil your own eggs the night before and pack
-fresh fruits to last two snacks per day
-water: 4 bottles per day minimum
– dried cocoa slices or fruit slices
– juices: Get all your vitamins in one place and help fight germs. People from all over the world= billions of germs
-warm meals you can buy for lunch and dinner.
– knee pads
– take number of days and for each day have the following packed: A workout outfit for whole day. Multiple underwear. An outfit for down time when you are getting ready for the show and just putting on makeup and hanging out. A Night-out outfit.
 A pajama for the whole weekend
One bathing suit
3 shoes: one pair heels to work with a few outfit. One pair other cute shows to go with the rest. One flip or sneaker to get to workshops or walk around and explore
1. Make up: only what you need. Pack an eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner, brush kit, concealer, primers, lip wear,  powder/blush.
2. Nail polish for chips
3. Jewelry: Only what you need for performance at shows.
4. Your costume and costume undies and props in one carry on bag
5. Toiletries (travel size only): tooth brush, toothpaste, fav soap, razor, lotion, comb, styling tool
6. Chargers, camera, good book (if you somehow have time miraculously), iPod and earbuds.
Have fun at your bellydance conventions, and remember to pack smart. I highly recommend you roll your clothing when packing it in your luggage and that you pack a plastic bag as well to place dirty clothes during the convention so it does not get mixed with your clean clothing.
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