Belly Dance Management ProgramOne of the main questions I receive is on what the belly dance management program is “what is involved”. So I thought today would be a great day to answer many of these for curious entertainers.

The management program is open to belly dancers from all over the United States and at its core can be considered a mentorship in the art of being a person who not only wants to be a strong dancer, but a strong business owner.

Marketing in the belly dance world is something many belly dancers do not know how to do, and often done without an effective and clear plan.

When a dancer joins the program a custom plan is made. The program takes approximately 6 months to complete. Each week the tasks are assigned and the mentor guides, and “holds your hand” on those scary or rough spots to finally get you over that hurdle.

The focus is to open your eyes to all of the marketing tasks that a business owner needs to know to help their belly dance business grow and prosper, while avoiding mistakes with the help of a mentor.

All of the members in the program are kept confidential and no two dancers can be taken on for the same geographic area.

Am I a Good Fit For the Belly Dance Management Program?

1. Are you lost on how to market yourself online and off?

2. Do you need a kick in the butt to FINALLY get marketing materials done?

3. Do you find yourself losing gigs to far less experienced dancers in your area?

4. Afraid of technology sometimes?

5. Do you feel you have something great but just don’t know how to reach the right people?

6. Are you stuck and not sure how to grow your business in your area?

Call me today at (407) 900-8397 or send me an email. It only takes a moment and you will finally get the first step going. You can learn what you need to get yourself organized and grow your business. For information on pricing and the belly dance management program click this link. Your belly dance business deserves an owner who is willing to learn and grow along with it.