Hello dancers, this Orlando belly dance artist will be coming down to Wellington, FL on Tuesday April 16th to teach a very important Fire Bellydance Workshop. There are definite industry standard practices, and techniques dancers must know before attempting to handle fire as well as legalities and safety issues.

The workshop will be divided into 3  important segments:

Section 1: Safety, Legalities, and Insurance
Here we cover everything you need to know if you plan on offering fire dance as a service and how to handle fire safely before and after your performance like a pro. Bring your notepads!

Section 2: Fire BELLY DANCING & Business
There is a big difference between other fire acts and fire belly dancing. Knows these and how to carry yourself when fire belly dancing. We will also breakdown costs metrics and the business aspect of fire dancing. Learn how to market your services.

Section 3: Prop Overview and Technique
We will cover various props, their pro’s/con’s IN DEPTH, and fun moves and proper technique to make your performance sparkle. Do not fall into the trap of simply doing prop work, stand out and DANCE with these gorgeous props. Each prop has it’s own look and energy, so we shall showcase each and help you find your match.

What to bring: your fire prop, lighter, fuel, and notepad. If you do not have a fire prop do not worry, this workshop is great for those preparing to take the plunge, so take many notes in your notepad as you watch your instructor and fellow peers. You may be selected to utilize Jennifer’s prop.

To register for the Fire Bellydance Workshop simply pay via the “Pay Now” button below. Cost is $50 in advance and $70 after April 10th. Do not wait, once we sell out, we sell out.