Youtube Muting Belly Dance VideosAlright everyone I am fuming over here! Youtube is Muting Belly Dance Videos that are uploaded with pre-recorded music from labels and such is happening all over. What in the world!

I understand copyright, I see why this is happening to some extent, but guess what this means for dancers and other artists who depend upon using music from labels to perform to the majority of the time? All of our new uploads will eventually be muted!

This is stressing me and many others out. I just had a business management student write to me that her video was muted because of the song (even though she cited it and it comes up in the YouTube music searcher thingy).

This is what you will see now “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled.

If an artist credits the composer, YouTube adds the song link, and the dancer even goes as far as to link the artist on their video, isn’t that good enough? This is crazy!

YouTube is a HUGE deal to belly dancers, it is a powerful marketing tool, and it is a worldwide platform on which we can share our passion and art. Not all of us have bands we can call on, or are inspired by music of the type that YouTube will allow.

Unfortunately, there are not many options to appeal this new policy. What will you do if you see Youtube is Muting Belly Dance Videos? What are your thoughts on this dancers?