If you have never been to the Miami Bellydance Convention before, GO! For the past few years I have attended and have loved every last minute of it. This event is held during labor day weekend every year and gets bigger and better every time. It is organized by the beautiful and talented Nathalie of Dreams Bellydance Academy and is a mecca for belly dance enthusiasts from all around the world. This year I competed again and am proud to say that I received 1st place during the preliminary round and fourth overall at finals. I plan on coming back next year and going for the crown so wish me luck. I had a blast meeting some talented women from all around the world and taking workshops from some of my idols. Superstars such as Renata Lobo from Brazil were there and my favorite part about going to this convention is the fact that you are bound to bump into stars all the time since your in the same hotel. I am often too shy to just a approach a dancer downright after they perform so to be able to casually talk to some by surprise while grabbing breakfast is so cool. I can’t wait for next year already and it has only been a week! The one thing I regret is not being able to take a workshop with Valerick (winner of 2009 mbc). This woman dances in such a way that I am left truly mesmerized. If you haven’t seen her, google her! I have a feeling she is going to be the next superstar any minute now. Here is a photo from the one of performances I did. Hope to see my dance sisters from around the world again next year and now back to reality and working hard for my next events.

mbc_competition photograph by: Zizi zabaneh