Since the creation of the internet the government has tried and tried to continually regulate and impose control over the way we view and use it. In essence they have tried (and with many successes) reduced our freedoms in this platform and are now pushing more than ever to take control. For a couple years now I have read articles upon articles talking about this and finally I have had enough! The internet is free for any one to use, and the what you choose to see is entirely up to you and should not be regulated by the government. The EFF is the foremost organization that has battled to keep us from ending up like China on this subject and I for one have donated and feel passionately about continually supporting their cause in protecting our rights and freedoms. If you have never heard of this organizations before, please follow the link to They fight for us in court and cannot continue without our support and donations. Many belly dancers like me spend hundreds and thousands a year buying costumes. Why not give $10 to this organization and keep the internet as free of this negative trend as we can.