So it has been nine long months of using mineral makeup and I am happy to say that the chalazions and styes I suffered from for about a year and a half have finally stopped occurring and even have reduced in size! The surprising parts of this blog are the negative side effects that mineral makeup had on my skin that I did not foresee…

 mineral makeup for belly dancersFor the first eight months I used purely bare minerals brand loose powder minerals and found out a few interesting things. First of all, if you are going to wear the foundation, you MUST wear it with the primer. I wore it for the first few months without the primer and due to how much I dance and thus sweat, I ended up breaking out all over my face 🙁 Bare minerals foundation covered blemishes wonderfully, but for really hot summer days when I had to go to workshops all day or be outside for too long, streaks would develop from where I sweat. This aspect of the foundation really turned me off. So time passed and I continued to break out even though I was using what I thought was the most harmless makeup. Thankfully a couple of weeks ago I finally had enough and went to see a specialist where I got the low down. You see, Bare Minerals foundation is nice, but it still has a few not so great ingredients that still clog pores if you don’t wear your primer or sweat it off (like me). I was advised to switch to Studio Gears  great new line of mineral makeup called Dual Identity Mineral. This mineral makeup takes the refinement process a step further than bare essentials and is about the same price. The only downside is that their primer is expensive at about $24-$30 (I can’t remember at the moment). The upside is that the primer is some really high quality stuff but you must make sure to apply it after you moisturize your face as it dries it out a tiny bit. I have been using it for only a short period of time but my face has cleared up quite a bit already which makes me very happy.

My next finding dealt with eyeshadow. I still use bare mineral eyeshadow and ALWAYS from day one, have applied it over the eyeshadow primer which is great ( I just wish it were cheaper). So first fun fact is the application. I always swirl, tapped, and brushed on my eyeshadow….wrong! For eyeshadow, you waste half the powder off the brush on the first stroke that way. Instead opt to gently dab all over the eye with the color and THEN brush it all together on your lid. This will save you tons of product over time which frankly at the price these little shadows cost, is a big help.

Second thing I found out was that if you have crazy sensitive eyes such as myself, do not use the metallic shadows that come in the tube thing (Bare Minerals). Only use powder please. Why? Frankly because those will definitely not help your pores because they carry more chemicals that people like me do not want hitting our eyes. Although I use a primer, even having one pore exposed by accident is a big deal as this type of metallic stuff needs to just fill the pore one time to cause a stye. So basically, do not use it if you deal with my eye issues.

I hope this wasn’t too long, but I hope it helps other women out there or performers who are dealing with this issue. I hope I continue to keep clear lids and good night!