So over the years I have had my bouts with  health/beauty products and have met some really knowledgeable and amazing people who have given me some good tips along the way so I thought I would share them as many of my friends are fellow belly dancers. If you are not a belly dancer these tips can still apply to you too, so keep reading lol!

#1: All serious dancers should take glucosamine. It is a supplement that is great for your bones, and we all need that with all the bending, and crazy movements we do. This can be found pretty much everywhere (wal-mart, publix, walgreens) and is inexpensive.

#2: Teeth whitening strips are terrible for your teeth. They mess up your natural tooth shield and leave white stains on your teeth..not good.

#3: Dove has this fantastic new deoderant (I have been on it for 3 months) that reduces hair growth and helps nourish underarm skin. I am notorious for dry shaving right before I gig, so this has been great and although slow to work, is finally giving me results, so heck why not try it ladies.

#4: My latest obsession is gel nail polish. I hate fake nails and the harmful effects they have on natural nails so I, like most women, had slaved away every few days painting my nails, to only have them chip a day later after sewing or washing. Opi has a line of gel polishes that are softer, more malleable, and light than the gel you use for fake nails. This gel polish is harmless to your nail, has no odor, and get this…lasts up to 30 days!! I was skeptical at first, but am now on my third full manicure and it truly lasts. Best thing is my natural nails are strong, long, and look amazing and I have to put no effort woo hoo!

#5: Sore after a hard night of gigging? Instead of the usual pain pills, take a fish oil tablet. It won’t kill your liver, it is natural, and acts as a anti-inflammatory.

Ok will cut it off here. Hope this helps 🙂