The word “Baladi” often stirs up a plethora of emotions and connotations in the belly dance world. Many times it’s meaning is confused with so many other things and so I went searching for a great resource that would easily sum up what Baladi truly is and guess what? I found one! The Gilded Serpent is a great resource I check every time I am looking for answers to questions or researching about belly dance, so definitely book mark it if you haven’t done so already. I came across an article written by Hala Fauzi on Nov. 4, 2011 called “The Many Faces Of Baladi” which nicely sums up all the aspects of Baladi and even goes into some basic information about Melaya. I highly suggest it for anyone taking belly dance. It is important to know all the different styles that exist and educate ourselves on this dance that has such deep cultural roots. Hope you enjoy it and thank again to Gilded Serpent for always having such great articles. Baladi Belly Dance is such a beautiful genre.
It is important to note that the word beledi, beledi dance, the beledi rhythm, and a beledi progression rather than just the umbrella term for beledi music all mean different things.
I implore you to research as you go along your journey. Read all that you can, interview important figures, ask questions, ask for help from your mentors, and dig deep into what it is you are trying to represent and/or take inspiration from.
There is a hige collection of bellydance books and magazines out there that contain a wealth of information. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a newbie, knowledge is attainable for all.
If you have any questions or seek more resources on beledi belly dance feel free to comment below so that we can extend the discussion. Thak you for all of your support as always, and I hope that this article spikes your interest in learning more about the Egyptian style of belly dance.